Why your organization may be missing out on Mentimeter

January 21, 2020

2020, a new decade and new time to start afresh with new business goals and plans for the coming year. Your company may just be missing out on the easiest way to solve some of your most mundane business problems.

Did you know that on average 55 million meetings are held every week in the U.S. and 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient? Those numbers are huge, so how can we change those stats around and make better use of our time?

Mentimeter increases engagement by enabling you to give your opinion throughout meetings, events or workshops and contribute to discussions. Besides that, we’ve got your every business situation covered. Meetings, conferences or training sessions, Mentimeter has a place at all of them. We are all about bringing people together and helping each other listen more and talk less. You can effortlessly increase engagement, employee interaction, efficiency and productivity seamlessly by introducing one new tool into your organization.

Mentimeter can be used at:

Mentimeter enables you to run a smoother and more efficient company and eliminates issues that have long been discussed but never properly addressed.

Here is why Mentimeter is a must-have in your organization:

Improves communication

Everyone’s voice can be heard, no longer are siloed teams an issue as everyone can have their say. Mentimeter allows everyone in the organization to participate anonymously and help to bridge the gap between different management levels in the organization. The option to conduct feedback and reflection sessions easily with Mentimeter and the anonymity factor removes the fear of being judged. Employees are much more likely to give their opinion, making them feel acknowledge but also giving the organization more invaluable and diverse feedback. Information can also be shared and communicated faster between different individuals or teams by getting results and answers in real-time.

Increases engagement

It is not surprising that 87% of companies state employee engagement as one of their primary issues. Solution? Use Mentimeter to turn humdrum sales meetings, development workshops or quarterly results into interactive and memorable experiences. Kick-off meetings, events or conferences with fun icebreakers or ask the audience questions to keep them interested throughout the presentation. Not only this, but the audience can ask anonymous questions or input their opinion at any point in the presentation. In return, employees feel appreciated, recognized and that their opinion matters resulting in a much more productive and engaged workforce.

Data at your fingertips

With Mentimeter you have the option to ask your employees questions, conduct surveys, collect data and find ways to improve your organization. You can easily export and analyze all of the data collected after the presentation has finished and take action on the results. Delve further into responses and find ways to expand and develop your organization. Understand and listen to your employees better with so much data at your disposal and drive your company to the next level.


The issue of transparency will long be left behind once you introduce Mentimeter into your company. Mentimeter helps to create a business culture where information is distributed openly and honestly and where sharing is encouraged. Keep everyone in the loop with knowledge, insights and information which are all easily accessible, allowing every individual to have a clear overall picture of the organization’s goals and plans. The increased knowledge sharing enables employees to collaborate more efficiently and be more productive, fostering a culture of transparency.

Collaborate seamlessly

Mentimeter facilitates everyone to work on projects together. Contribute and collaborate by responding with ideas and thoughts on a certain topic presented in real-time. With all the information delivered upfront, everyone understands what is going on and can fulfil the tasks. What’s the outcome? Fewer misunderstandings, increase productivity and everyone working together to achieve a shared goal.

The different plan options also mean that you can share your presentation with your team and other colleagues so you can all work on the document. Paid plans permit the customization of your presentation and you can add your company’s branding or logo to tailor it to your business needs, giving a more polished and professional finish.


62% of companies say that meetings fail to bring the team closer together but the ability to collaborate in a Mentimeter helps to avoid such problems. Everyone can be included in the decision-making process including remote teams who historically find it difficult to contribute or engage in presentations. Using Mentimeter, it is simple and convenient to join and voice your opinion even if you are working off location. Mentimeter allows everyone to be part of the conversation, producing candid and authentic discussions.

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