Introducing Mentimeter app for Zoom - Give Everyone a Voice in Your Next Zoom Meeting

July 21, 2021
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We are pleased to announce that we are launch partners with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. for their new Zoom Apps launch, which will help to facilitate seamless collaboration and engagement in meetings. The Mentimeter app for Zoom is designed to make your online meetings, conferences, training sessions, and lessons even more interactive and engaging. We’re here to share tips and tricks on how to leverage the app to make the most of your next Zoom meeting.

What can you do with the Mentimeter app for Zoom?

Deliver engaging presentations from inside your Zoom meeting

  1. View your Mentimeter presentation library and share your slide deck directly in Zoom.
  2. Host live Q&As, Polls, Quizzes and other interactive question types without switching tabs.
  3. Collect real-time insights and transform them into beautiful visualizations that you can then export and analyze. 

Encourage participant interaction

  1. Participants can vote in Polls, ask questions or join a Quiz straight from the Zoom meeting.
  2. No voting codes are needed to join a presentation, the host simply sends the slides to all meeting participants who can immediately start interacting. 
  3. Boost responses with anonymous participant contributions to gather honest and unbiased opinions. Empower everyone to contribute to the conversation without feeling self-conscious. 

When can you use the Mentimeter app for Zoom?

Mentimeter supports a multitude of different use cases; in short, any situation where you use a presentation, you can use the Mentimeter app. We have listed some of our most popular use cases:

Brainstorming Sessions

Crowdsource ideas, collect diverse opinions and reach a consensus to make sure only the best ideas are chosen. Document everyone’s input in an effortless way through real-time visualizations. 

Feedback and reflection sessions

Create a culture of continuous improvement by using live Polls or Surveys to find out what colleagues really think. Use the insights to identify what you are doing well or uncover areas for improvement. 

Weekly meetings

Revive regular meetings with interactivity. Pose fun icebreaker questions, Word Clouds or Quizzes to build a sense of camaraderie amongst team members. You can also gather and present opinions to align the team, make better-informed decisions and be more transparent.

Training sessions

Engage attendees in training sessions by getting everyone involved with interactive questions. Get their attention, spark discussions and check their understanding to maximize the effectiveness of the training. Enable Q&A to ensure fewer misunderstandings and get everyone on the same page.

Educational settings

Give everyone an equal chance to participate and create a safe space for even the quietest students to share their thoughts or ask questions. Check knowledge through Polls or Quiz questions and increase knowledge retention.

The Mentimeter app for Zoom is available for download from the Zoom App Marketplace.

Get started with Mentimeter app for Zoom 

  1. Build your interactive presentation at
  2. Download the Mentimeter app from the Zoom App Marketplace and log into your Mentimeter account.
  3. Start your Zoom meeting and open the Mentimeter app under ‘Apps’ in the bottom toolbar.
  4. Choose your presentation and click the blue Send button to invite all participants to join the presentation (Participants who haven’t downloaded the app already will be guided to do so, through just a few clicks.) 
  5. Click the green Share Screen button to start sharing the presentation and interacting with your audience. 

Try it out, and let us know how you get on! If you need any further support, please review the help article, or reach out to the Mentimeter support team.

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