How to transparently moderate presentations

January 09, 2019/7 mins min read
Transparent moderation

During live events, moderators often want to prescreen audience content before it is shared with a wider audience or moderate it after the fact. This type of moderation is a good way to make sure the shared content quality is high, appropriate and relevant. Examples of audience content are; questions to panel members, content shared via social media, responses from the audience on Mentimeter presentations.

By moderating audience content, the moderator can be put in a difficult position where they might be perceived as not being transparent. At Mentimeter we always strive to be as open and transparent as possible but we also understand that there is a need to moderate content to make sure that your interactive presentations go smoothly. This article explores how you can moderate your audience’s content whilst still remaining as transparent as possible.

Good ways to use audience conference moderation

Audience content moderation can be a good thing that helps make sure that your event or presentation runs smoothly and professionally. Here are some examples of good ways to use audience content moderation:

  • To make sure that there are no profanities or other inappropriate content
  • To filter out duplicate content, such as repeat questions from the audience
  • To remove irrelevant content in order to keep discussions focused
  • To prioritize the order in which the content should be shown or the order in which questions should be asked to a panel
  • To make sure the overall quality of the content is good

Not-so-transparent ways to use content moderation

Moderating audience content can be used in ways that will make you appear less transparent to your audience. It is, of course, best to avoid this if you want to use audience content moderation in an open way. Here are some examples of what to avoid:

  • Removing content or questions that you do not like
  • Removing content that brings up difficult issues or questions
  • Removing content from particular people or groups of people

How to make sure you’re being transparent

When you are starting off an event, conference or meeting where audience content will be moderated, the best way to ensure that you are being transparent as possible is to let the audience or participants know at the start, that content is being moderated. You should also introduce the moderator and explain to the audience what type of content will be accepted or rejected so that your audience knows which guidelines to abide by. How to use Mentimote for moderation

In the context of Mentimeter, you can use the Mentimote in order to moderate content during live presentations when using open-ended questions, or the Questions from Audience feature. Learn more about how the Mentimote works in this Help Center article:

Mentimote - our presentation remote

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