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the power of together
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The power of together. It is the conviction we build our culture on. It is the purpose of our product and it is woven into the fabric of everything we do. Every lunchtime is a dinner party with friends where we're all the hosts. Wednesday afternoons are for whole company meetings where we all have a voice. Our office is central to bringing us together. It is a space to relate and to collaborate where everyone is included.

Our core values

Our values lay the foundation for how we act at Mentimeter. They are not just pretty words on paper. Our values is how we evaluate our collective and individual performance. Living according to our values is what will accelerate our progress together every day. They have been developed by us at Mentimeter together.

Include Everyone

We believe that the best work is done in an inclusive, transparent, gender-equal and diverse workplace.

Work Smart

We believe it's important to know when to excel and when "good enough" is exactly that; good enough.

Consultant mindset

We believe in personal leadership and value individuals who manage themselves and excel in communication.

Be Humble

We believe in an environment where people respect others and their previous work.

Have Fun

We believe that it should be a joy to work at Mentimeter and welcome fun initiatives both at and outside work!

Practicing what we preach

Living by our core values is important to us. Here we share some of the initiatives we are doing that demonstrate our core values in practice.

Do you prefer to try things out for yourself over reading about others' experiences?

We host a variety of events where you can get a sense of what we are doing, meet Menti people and exchange experiences.


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Want to join us?

Do our core values resonate with you? Do you want to be part of building a great product and a great culture? Check out our careers page and explore our current opportunities.

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