Mentimeter vs Microsoft Forms

Transform your presentations into engaging experiences. An all-in-one tool that seamlessly combines Polls, Q&A, Quizzes, Content slides, and real-time engagement, delivering immediate insights and long-term data-driven decisions.

Mentimeter Comparison

Mentimeter vs Microsoft Teams Comparison

MentimeterMicrosoft Forms
Max audience size for paid plans10,000+1,000
Static/Content slidesYesNo
Fully interactive slides177
Q&A capabilities and moderationYesNo
Comments & reactions on slidesYesNo
Learning AcademyYesNo
Presenter notesYesNo
Shared themes & brandingYesNo
Reset results & reuse presentationYesNo

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Content infused with interactivity

  • Craft interactive content throughout your presentations, captivating participants and enhancing their experience.
  • Choose from different Content slide layouts and add Q&A on slides to create a dynamic, two-way dialogue that fosters participation and deeper understanding. 
  • Customize themes, add branding and tailor slides to reflect your brand identity, providing a cohesive and memorable presentation.

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360 interactive presentation experience

  • More flexibility to send out Surveys or Polls before your presentation to gauge initial insights, conduct them live during your session for immediate interaction, and even send follow-up surveys afterwards to gather valuable feedback, creating a comprehensive engagement strategy
  • Collect valuable data over time, enabling you to measure development, view trends and refine your approach, resulting in continuous improvement.

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