Tools for Remote Working

As companies start to move meetings, training and conferences online, Mentimeter provides the opportunity to work remotely to ensure you can still easily engage with your colleagues.

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The benefits of remote working with Mentimeter

Using Mentimeter for remote working allows companies to continue conducting meetings, workshops, training sessions, or covering any situation in a remote online setting. Mentimeter is easily accessible wherever your colleagues or team may be located. You can also track how many team members are connected to a presentation. Use Mentimeter to:

  • Engage and interact with colleagues using live polls, word clouds, multiple-choice questions, and more

  • Collect feedback in order to continually improve, both pre and post a session

  • Ensure everybody is heard even in online meetings

  • Enable Q&A so that queries and questions can be discussed to avoid misunderstandings

  • Collaboratively rank and prioritize questions and initiatives

  • Maintain a strong team culture across distance


Evaluate with Scales questions


Real-time data

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Knowledge share with your team


Prioritize with Ranking questions

Step by step guide

How to use Mentimeter for remote working

Step 1

Make a presentation in Mentimeter

Use word clouds, multiple-choice or any of our other questions types.

Step 2

Choose a video conferencing platform of your choice

Mentimeter is compatible with any screen sharing software as it’s based on the web. Just share the code, share your screen and let colleagues connect to your presentation wherever they may be.

Step 3 remote working with colleagues
Step 3

Start presenting and interacting with your colleagues

Send the presentation link to your colleagues. Or they can also go to and enter the code. Your colleagues can now connect, follow the presentation, vote and interact. You can see how many coworkers are connected to the presentation at the bottom right of the screen.

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Open up for Q&A

With Mentimeter you can enable Q&A throughout the whole presentation, so colleagues can submit a question when it comes to mind. You can choose if you answer the questions as they come, or wait until you have finished talking. Alternatively, you can add a Q&A slide to the end of your presentation to allow a dedicated time for asking and answering questions.


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Free guide

Team of 10+ people?

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Templates for Remote Working

Talk about sensitive topics even in online meetings

Talk about sensitive topics even in online meetings

Remote All-Hands Meeting

Remote All-Hands Meeting

Inclusiveness workshop for remote working

Inclusiveness workshop for remote working

Online training session

Online training session

Host engaging games for remote teams

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use Mentimeter to boost team spirit and engagement in remote teams

  • Tips on how you can engage colleagues in virtual teams and maintain a strong team culture regardless of the distance

  • Find and use our ready-to-use templates with quizzes to play with your team

  • We will also hold a Q&A session where we will answer all your Mentimeter-related question!

Increase engagement whilst working remotely with Mentimeter Enterprise

During this webinar you will learn:

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  • How to set up a Mentimeter Enterprise subscription for your organisation

  • Dedicated help and support you’ll receive from our team to help you reach your organizations goals whilst working remotely

Use Mentimeter to work remotely