The end of scary presentations

Most Americans view presenting as a fate worse than death. We think we can help with that.

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Do we fear presenting more than death?

  • Presentation anxiety on the rise since the start of the pandemic.
  • Report finds that fear of presenting is a diversity and inclusion issue.
  • Survey shows 71% want ways to engage anonymously in meetings.

Overcome your fears with Mentimeter

All eyes on your presentation, not on you!

All eyes on your presentation, not on you!

  • Impress the crowd with stunning visuals, colorful charts, and dynamic graphs.
  • Boost engagement levels, gather more insights, and encourage participation.
  • Run a memorable and unique presentation that is guaranteed to grab your audience's attention.

Leaver everyone impressed - JEFF

Leave everyone impressed... even your boss

  • No matter the scenario, no matter the situation, find a use case that works for you.
  • Learn how to get started in seconds and avoid the stress of learning something new.
  • Make it even easier to prepare by using a pre-made template to save yourself time and effort.

Let your slides do the talking

Let your slides do the talking

  • Break the ice or generate conversation with a Word Cloud, a Live Poll, or something more creative.
  • Don't just jump from slide to slide, why not run a survey, a quiz, or a Q&A?
  • Relax and watch as audience responses appear on screen in real-time.

Jeff B
I couldn't believe my eyes. I've never seen a presentation like that before. Jeff B. - Amateur Space Explorer
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Turn your scary presentations into engaging conversations