Increase the energy level during presentations

Quiz your audience – fun, free and interactive.

Host a live quiz to energize your audience

Adding elements of both competition and interaction to your presentations will energize your audience. Joining our other question types we now present interactive quizzes.

  • Make learning fun and effective

  • Energize and engage your audience

  • Test knowledge in a relaxed and friendly environment

Get started with Quiz Templates

Learn how energetic and fun a Mentimeter quiz can be for both you and your audience with these just-for-fun quiz templates.

General Knowledge Quiz 1
General Knowledge Quiz 1
General Knowledge Quiz 2
General Knowledge Quiz 2
Business Buzzwords Quiz
Business Buzzwords Quiz

Create your own quiz

Create your own quiz to fit your audience’s needs with Mentimeter. Just enter the questions you want, and mark the correct answer.

Use your quiz as part of a more extensive presentation, combine your quiz with other Mentimeter questions types, or simply on its own.

Combine your quiz slides with Quick Slides in order to add fun anecdotes or extra information to add another dimension to your quiz.

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