Make a positive change at work

Improve your meetings, your organization or how you work, to make a positive change at work. Select one of the areas you would like to improve from the tabs below, and access ideas, resources and templates for how you can use Mentimeter to get even better at what you do.

Make meetings fun and engaging

Who said meetings have to be boring? Use Mentimeter to create interactive meetings and presentations that will transform the way you facilitate meetings. Watch this video to get some of our best tips to make your meetings a bit more exciting!

Engage your audience with a quiz

Test your audience’s knowledge and inject some energy into your meetings with a fun and competitive quiz. The Mentimeter Quiz question type can be used to see how well your colleagues remember information shared at previous meetings, for example. Try out this ready-to-use template and see how you can make your meetings more energetic!

Create a presentation with Mentimeter

Have you already used Mentimeter to create questions for your audience to answer? If that’s the case and you want to get even more out of Mentimeter, try building a complete presentation from scratch. Add Quick Slides to display content, images and gifs as well as a number of different interactive questions to make your meetings more fun and engaging.

Impress with interactive presentations