Donuts for all Mentimeter users

Change the visualization layout of your questions. We’ve added the option to present the input from your audience as informative Spider Charts as well as stylish Donut & Pie Charts.

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Example of Spider Chart

Spider Charts For your Scales questions

Spider Chart, also known as radar chart, is a much requested feature by Mentimeter users wanting a highly professional way to present the results to Scales questions. Use it to compare test scores, make product comparisons, or let your employees assess their own skills to see which areas they can improve in.

Example of Pie Chart

Donut & Pie Charts for your Multiple Choice questions

Make your Multiple Choice questions even more fun and make sure you get your point across by showing proportional data in different ways.

For a Multiple Choice question, you can now choose to present your audience’s input either as a Bar Chart, Donut Chart or Pie Chart. Just choose the result layout when you create the question. Pro tip: try voting on your question to get a preview of the results!

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