Images in Mentimeter

We at Mentimeter are super excited to announce that we’re launching images as an integrated part of Mentimeter. Now, even the toughest decisions can be solved with Mentimeter. For example, deciding which kitten is the cutest!

Create Interaction with Images

Use images to interact with your audience in a new way! Ask a complicated question in a simple way by using an image to visualize the question and get your message across to the audience. Ask questions during lectures and trainings that cannot be translated into text, or get feedback on graphical elements such as ads, logos, packaging and much more.

Images as part of a question

Press the image icon next to your question and choose the image you’d like to upload. Available for all question types.

Images as part of the answer options

Create an Image Choice question and press the image icon next to your answer options to choose the images you’d like to upload.

We want as many users as possible to be able to experience the magic of using images in an interactive presentation. So for now, using images in Mentimeter is free.

Start visualizing your questions

Try it out yourself or get started with our best practice examples!