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From ideas to plans


Don’t get lost in thoughts

  • Engage your audience early with an icebreaker so everyone is warmed up and ready to participate from the word go!
  • Gather insights and opinions quickly and easily with the help of Word Clouds, Polls, and Q&As.
  • Each and every submission will be displayed with dynamic visuals and automatically saved for future reflection.


Make decisions as well as suggestions

  • Gather people's opinions and preferences with the help of Rankings, Scales, and 2X2 slides so you can make informed decisions.
  • Make your meetings more efficient and effective thanks to consensus and agreed-upon decisions.
  • Clarify confusion and elaborate on ideas with the help of Q&A slides and moderation.


Map out a path to success

  • Create everything you need in one tool without the need to send multiple links, documents, and presentations to your team.
  • Follow up your team's ideas and submissions with concrete plans that take their ideas into consideration.
  • Edit your presentation as you go so you can include a timeline and a plan of action there and then!

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