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Create complete and comprehensive presentations

  • Update your trustworthy slide deck and add in some of our interactive Word Clouds, Polls, and Quizzes, for a completely new and innovative presentation.
  • Create everything you could possibly need within Mentimeter without the need to change software, tools, or apps.
  • Revitalize your go-to PowerPoint presentations and bring some life back to those slides!

Mentimeter Integrations

Meet every one of your needs

  • Create a survey, design a full slide deck, or craft a great icebreaker, all without the need for multiple tools and different log-ins.
  • Run a seamless online presentation with the help of our Zoom and Team integrations.
  • Get started on the right foot with one of our expertly designed templates that are here to give you some inspiration!

The benefits of using Mentimeter

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Collect anonymous feedback

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Encourage reflections

Create some dialogue and discussion to improve retention

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Enables inclusion and collaboration

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Improves productivity and boost learning

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Change more than just how you present

  • Hear from everyone in the audience thanks to anonymous submissions - meaning everyone can have the confidence to take part.
  • Improve transparency by running Q&As and letting the audience upvote insightful questions.
  • Hold more memorable meetings, presentations, and training sessions, as you engage your audience from the very start.


Learn how Mentimeter can benefit you

  • No matter if you are a teacher in a high school, university, or elsewhere, you can design presentations, quizzes, and assessments for all age groups.
  • From managers to individual presenters, we have tips and tricks to help you impress your colleagues, clients, and bosses.
  • Whether it's online, in-person, or hybrid we have a solution for everywhere a presentation could possibly take place!

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