Interactive presentations from beginning to end

Slides your audience can engage with - we call it Quick Slides! Quick Slides are a simple, beautiful and powerful way to add text and images to complement your regular Mentimeter questions, with one twist - your audience can interact and engage with your slides. No matter if you are presenting a fun quote, a picture of the new logo or simply the agenda, the participants can use reactions to express their opinions. Quick Slides enables the perfect flow in your Mentimeter presentations and it’s all available for free!

Reactions as an icebreaker

Add reactions to your Quick Slide as an icebreaker and make sure your audience is ready to interact with your presentation.

Quick Slides with reactions for feedback

Collect quick feedback or get the audience’s opinions about a subject. Let them give a thumbs up or down during the discussion.

Get boosted by your audience

Add reactions to any Quick Slide and feel the love from the audience when they send you their positive feedback as you speak during your presentation.

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The only platform you need to create fun and engaging presentations.