Welcome to #EQmeter.

When gender equality gets measured, it gets done. #EQmeter is a tool that helps you start or continue the journey of creating a more equal workplace. The tool is very easy to use and was developed by Mentimeter in cooperation with a leading diversity and consulting firm, Add Gender.

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Why bother with a gender equal workplace?

Earn more money

Increase ROI up to 26%

Companies with a more diverse board of directors outperformed others on Return on Sales as well as Return on Invested Capital by 16 and 26%.

Increase GDP by 12%

A Free Trade Area between Europe and the USA would increase economic growth by 0,5% while a gender equal labour market would increase the EU GDP by 12%.

Be more innovative

Get more out of your employees

Employees who feel included are much more productive, more loyal, trustworthy, their performance is higher and they work harder.

Better at solving problems

When a workplace has a critical mass of at least 30% women, the team will become more innovative and better at solving problems.

Make your talents stay

Employees feel included

Creating a workplace where employees feel included is directly connected to worker retention and growth.

People stick with work cultures they like

One study found applicants who were a cultural fit would accept a 7% lower salary, and departments with cultural alignment had 30% less employee turnover.

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Get started with #EQmeter

Measure Gender Equality

Measure Gender Equality

Measure Gender Equality for Start-Ups

Measure Gender Equality for Start-Ups


Step 1: Create an account and load the questions

  1. Create a Mentimeter Account and load the questions
  2. The questions are developed by a leading diversity and gender quality consultancy firm, Add Gender AB.

Step 2: Meet up with your team

  1. Gather your team (once a week) and run the questions that you loaded in step 1.
  2. This tool doesn't take more than 5 minutes to run with your team – the discussion might be longer, but that's what you want.
  3. Driving change in behaviours requires continuous effort. This tool is very easy to use and allows you to keep the change initiative going.
  4. Mentimeter is the easiest way to capture peoples perception, culture and opinions and turn it into actionable data.

Step 3: Use your mobile phones to capture input

  1. People will become energized as they are expected to contribute.
  2. Our experience shows that when the team contributes in this form, people reflect in a very constructive manner.
  3. The input provided is anonymous, which leads to unbiased and more honest input.
  4. Compared to a classic survey, this method will ensure a 100% response rate.

Step 4: Show and discuss the results

  1. Change in behaviour is a complex matter and it requires you and your team to work on it; Mentimeter is the easiest way to keep things top of mind.
  2. Our experience shows that the team wants to explain the outcome, which creates a constructive discussion environment.
  3. Opinions and perception are turned into actable data.
  4. Any actions you want to take are now backed up with data, and you also have a way to track progress.

Who's behind the tool?

Add Gender - leading consulting firm within gender equality and diversity Add Gender AB is a creative analysis and advisory company where the focus is on equality and diversity as a way of improving organizations. Add Gender have been around since 2008 and in 2013 they celebrated their 5-year anniversary. Add Gender think equality and diversity are the most fun and rewarding ways to improve businesses and organizations, which is why they love what they do.

Add Gender policy: Gender equality and diversity should be understandable, useful and fun!

Add Gender goal: Be Sweden’s best deliverers of equality by 2015 and Europe’s best by 2025.

Add Gender mission: Help you become the best in your world, by recommending and delivering performance-improving services in equality and diversity. Because the future is equal!

Read more: Add Gender AB

#EQmeter explained in text

#EQmeter is the web-based collaboration tool which enables you to measure the qualitative aspects of your company's culture. The tool has been developed by Mentimeter together with Add Gender, the leading gender equality and diversity consulting firm. Our customer testimonials clearly show that using this tool is one of the best and easiest ways to keep change initiatives alive and to empower you with the ability to measure progress.

We created the tool to challenge the notion of “not having time for diversity.” The #EQmeter is designed to help you evaluate and follow up your internal company culture on a regular basis. The tool is easy to use, and it enables you to discover the advancements of your company in an effortless way and will by default generate fruitful discussions to help you take your company culture to a whole new level.

The #EQmeter is the perfect tool for start-up founders as well as management teams of established businesses to keep track of the advancement of gender equality and diversity work, with only a few clicks.