Double the output and quality of your team

Efficient teams deliver 100% more than average teams, and have more fun while doing it. This tool was developed by Mentimeter and Influence and is as simple as one click.

Philip Runsten
The key to behaviour change is reflection, repetition and reinforcing feedback. This tool is a simple way to increase team efficiency.Philip Runsten PhD, Stockholm School of Economics

Efficient teams score high in the following areas

Trust and safety

  • The group creates a positive and safe environment.
  • Members have confidence in each others knowledge and intentions.
  • Members dare to take “social risks” such as asking “stupid” questions, having a different opinion and asking for help.

Reflection and learning

  • Team members reflect and learn lessons about their collaboration and how it affects the teams effectiveness.
  • The team develop their task by understanding and improving their ways of working.
  • The team learn through reinforcing and changing feedback.

Common task understanding

  • The team works together to define the problem and identify what is needed to solve it.
  • The team have a clear and consistent view of their task and common goals.
  • The team effectively divide and coordinate roles based on available knowledge and resources.

Attention and care

  • Team members show attention and care for each other and the common task – the “team spirit”.
  • Team members help each other.
  • Team members are committed and hold each other accountable for the task as a whole and not just for “their own area”.

Source: The above is based on research regarding collective intelligence conducted by Influence and the Stockholm School of Economics.

Just four simple steps to improve team efficiency
Sign up
Step 1

Create a Mentimeter Account and load the scientifically-backed questions

The questions are developed by Influence and scientists from Stockholm School of Economics. Influence is a leading consultancy firm for team efficiency.

Gather team
Step 2

Meet up with your team

Gather your team (once a week) and run the questions that you loaded in Step 1. This exercise doesn't take more than 5 minutes to run with your team. The discussion might be longer, but that's what you want.

Driving change in behaviour requires continuous effort. This tool is very easy to use and allows you to keep the change initiative going. Mentimeter is the easiest way to capture peoples opinions and turn them into tangible data.

Voter illustration
Step 3

The team use their mobile phones to give input

People will become energized as they are expected to contribute. Our experience shows that when the team contributes in this form, they reflect in a very constructive manner.

The input is anonymous, which leads to unbiased and more honest input. Compared to a classic survey, this method will ensure a 100% response rate.

Presentation illustration
Step 4

Show the result and discuss

Change in behaviour is a complex matter and it requires you and your team to work on it continuously. Mentimeter is the easiest way to keep things top of mind. Our experience shows that the team wants to explain and motivate the outcome which create a constructive environment for discussions.

Opinions and perceptions are turned into actable data. Any actions you want to take are now backed up with data, and you have a way to track, progress.

Sounds interesting?

Let's get started.

Team Efficiency Tool

Team Efficiency Tool


The experts behind the tool

Influence is a Swedish management consulting firm with the ability to to develop collective intelligence in your management teams, projects or your whole organization.

Influence rests on a solid foundation of research and evidence-based methods, many of which are based on our own unique research at the Stockholm School of Economics. In 2011, Philip Runsten, one of Influence's partners, received the "HR Research of the Year" award by Sweden’s HR Society, IPF (the Institute for Personal and Business Development) at Uppsala University and the magazine ‘Personal & Ledarskap’ for his research on collective intelligence.

Influence acts as a driving partner when working with businesses in critical need of transformation. They are experts in supporting remodelling of structures, facilitation of strategy formulation, renewal of processes, creation of new IT support, and training, assigning responsibility, and measuring new key performance indicators.

The differentiator for Influence is that they factor in and start from every business's key resource, their people.