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Are you responsible for planning the annual end of year corporate event? Do you want to make it the most fun event in your company’s history? If that’s the case, then you should continue reading, or sign up for our upcoming webinar and we’ll show you how to create a fun and memorable event for your organization!

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Open with an icebreaker

An ideal start to your event is to get participants excited and enthusiastic about the event ahead. To kick-off your event, we suggest that you use icebreaker activities in order to fill the room with energy. Just make sure you get the entire audience to participate by having a simple setup. We’ve put together some great icebreaker templates for you (and here are more icebreaker ideas).

This can also be a great time to inform everyone involved of the schedule or any important information they need to know. Mentimeter Quick Slides are perfect for getting information to your audience in an efficient way

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Add some competition

Add a fun activity to your end of year event to encourage some lively competition! Use a quiz to highlight some key takeaways or simply inject some fun into the event. Adding some competition is perfect to get larger crowds engaged and energized without excessive organization.

Why not reinforce how great the organization is performing by quizzing the audience on some KPIs, play some internal jokes about typical behaviors within the company or just a fun trivia quiz? Check out our holiday themed quiz template and other fun Mentimeter templates that you can easily incorporate into your event.

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Mix it up

A typical goal of a corporate event is to get people from different divisions, regions or even countries together to get to know each other and exchange knowledge. However, people tend to cluster into already established groups and maybe need some encouragement to mingle. Mix everyone up by assigning them to teams and organize some fun but simple team building exercises such as decorating a cake or designing a champagne bottle. Have the teams pitch their creations and let the audience vote on the best team. Even consider offering a small prize for the winner to get everyone invested in the task!

If you're looking to use Mentimeter to do this, we recommend you to use the question type "Who's the winner?". Perfect for awards, just reveal the winner and not the ranking amongst the participants!

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