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Create a fun and interactive company event

Corporate event

Create a fun corporate event

Are you planning the annual year-end corporate event? Check out our guide on how to make this year's event a great success!

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Other campaigns

Four donuts

New visualization layouts

Make your presentations even more fun by customizing how you'd like the results to be presented. Change the result layout for our most popular question types.

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Mentimeter Reactions

Fully interactive presentations

Add text and images to complement your Mentimeter questions, and let your audience interact with your slides to express their reactions.

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Vote on Cats

Mentimeter Images

Visualize your questions with Mentimeter! Ask complicated questions in a simple way and use images to get your message across effectively.

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Quiz campaign image

Mentimeter Quiz

Increase the energy level during your presentations by using our live quiz. It lets you inject some competitive and interactive elements in the room!

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Efficient teams with Mentimeter

Efficient teams

Double the output and quality of your team. How? Check out our four simple steps towards improving your team's efficiency and start realizing the benefits.

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EQmeter to measure equality


When gender equality gets measured, it gets done. Use #EQmeter to measure the qualitative aspects of your company's culture in an easy way.

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Mentimeter Eurovision

Your own Eurovision voting

Do you love the Eurovision Song Contest as much as we do? Create your own Eurovision voting experience and see if the right song wins!

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