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Three Ways to Improve Transparency

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Glenice Chen2017-02-23
You have an upcoming meeting with your company and you would like to discuss what currently works out and what doesn’t. Increasing transparency at work is an integral step to achieve more effective collaboration. But, how do we begin?

Create an Environment for Sharing

If you would like to gain access to your employees’ and co-workers most genuine thoughts and opinions, you have to create the right setting for it. What better way to do that than injecting some lightheartedness for your employees to feel comfortable. To create an open environment within your company, try starting off by conducting your meeting in a slightly different way!

Maybe you can start off with an icebreaker to set the mood. Also make sure to facilitate a situation where everyone can participate by visualising their responses, so they know that their opinions are accounted for.

Both the Good and the Bad

Do not be afraid to ask your employees all kinds of questions regarding their work experience and satisfaction. But, to prevent them from only saying the good stuff, find a way for them to stay anonymous! This is the best opportunity to gain feedback from your employees, especially those who are unlikely to speak up during formal conversations. Discuss ways to keep up with the good, and discover areas that can be worked upon.

Make Information Accessible in the Organisation

Employ certain tools to help your company share data with one another seamlessly. When everything is presented upfront and everyone understands what is going on, it allows for easier collaboration with one another to fulfill a task. The result? Everyone works for a common goal with much higher productivity!

Mentimeter can be used as a collaboration tool to increase transparency at work. This is because it allows you to make data and opinions accessible within your organization, therefore increasing knowledge sharing. Also, with increased fun and interaction during meetings, participants are more willing to voice their opinions and yet stay anonymous!

Here are some questions you can ask using Mentimeter to work with transparency at the work place:

What do your employees prioritise at work?

What do your employees prioritise at work?

What activities should your company consider doing as a team regularly?

What activities should your company consider doing as a team regularly?

Click the links to view and download the examples. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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