The latest new features - May 2021

May 25, 2021
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It has only been a few months since our last new features announcement, but there are already so many new things to tell you about! Brand new features like Skip Slide, Thumbnails, and an updated Mentimote which includes Presenter Notes.

We are so pleased to present the new and improved Mentimote. This handy tool can help make the difference in making the delivery of your presentation super slick and professional. We are also so excited about a collection of new features we are releasing all at once, all of which are just little things to make your user experience more enjoyable.

Mentimote 2.0

mentimote view

The new and improved Mentimote has landed and is ready to use! With a whole host of useful new features like Presenter Notes, Slide Previews, and a Control Panel that allows you to switch on or off a bunch of Mentimeter features like Comments from audience, show voting/QR code, and close voting among so many others!

Mentimote 2.0 gives you complete control over your presentation, so you can focus on doing your thing and wowing your audience with an interactive presentation.

Skip Slide

It is now possible to skip slides in your presentation. Sometimes a slide you’re working on isn’t quite ready, or maybe it isn’t relevant for a particular presentation you’re giving, but it may be useful in the future so you don’t want to delete it? Now you can simply hide it and have it not come up when you’re presenting by simply using the Skip slide feature.

skip slide screenshot


That slide deck in your sidebar has never looked so good. Gone are the generic slide-type names, you can now preview the content of your slides so navigating between different slides has never been easier. We’ve kept the slide type labels so you can still see the kinds of slides you are working with. The best of both worlds.

thumbnails screenshot

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