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Templates to use at a Pub Quiz!

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Olivia Hanifan28 of November, 2019
Do you have a pub quiz coming up? Or perhaps you are trying to organize one? Well don’t worry, we have made your life that bit easier by putting together the ultimate inspiration guide with category ideas for your next pub quiz! Mentimeter will make you look like a pro pub quiz host and definitely make it one to remember.

To learn how to use Mentimeter and start creating your quiz, check out the article to find out how to host a pub quiz with Mentimeter, it is super easy and simple!

Quick pub quiz ideas

Ultimate Quiz Questions

This Ultimate Quiz template takes all the hard work out of creating a pub quiz! Just add the template to your account and you’re ready to start hosting your quiz! Add or remove questions as you wish in order to create a customized experience for the participants.

Movie Quiz

Divide the movie buffs from the rookies with this Movie Quiz template. Find out who knows their James Bond from their Mean Girls and who needs to brush up on their movie knowledge. Get the popcorn out and get started!

General knowledge

The General Knowledge Quiz template is a quick and easy quiz to do with students, colleagues, friends or family.

Music quiz

This Music Quiz will take your party to another level. Have some fun and see who really knows their stuff. Test participants on pop, rock, hip hop or any other genre you want by adding some questions to the template. The Music Quiz includes lyrics, artist and song questions to find out who is the King or Queen of music.

Drinks quiz

This Drinks Quiz will test you on the names and origins of your favourite drinks. Find out who is a sommelier or who is a connoisseur of liquor with these fun quiz questions.

Geography quiz

To use the Mentimeter Geography Quiz Template, you don’t have to be a globetrotter. Test your knowledge of geography in a fun and easy way with these quiz questions!

Capital Cities Quiz

This quiz is an all-rounder and can be used in the classroom, with family and friends or at work events as an icebreaker and will test your knowledge of capital cities all over the world. Find out whos the capital city expert and who needs to go back to school.

For more ideas and inspiration on other templates, genres and topics, check out the template page!

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