Mentimeter has found its recipe for success - the company moves to Lisbon in 2018

October 04, 2017
Team Mentimeter
Image of Johnny Warström
Johnny WarströmCEO

In 2016, Mentimeter moved the entire team to San Francisco for 4 months to be part of the 500startup incubator. This became the start of a new concept that has become a key element in building our company.

The success of Mentimeter (one of the fastest growing startups in Sweden for two years in a row and the successful outcome of our time in San Francisco has made moving the entire team to a different location each year a running feature in the company.

After San Francisco, the team made a similar move to Barcelona in spring 2017, and in 2018 the whole team will move to Lisbon.

The purpose of this move is to discover and understand new corporate cultures, local entrepreneurship and to get away from the daily grind in Sweden. We have found that we build a better and more successful Mentimeter thanks to these re-locations.

It will be amazing opportunity for the team to collaborate and changing the environment for a long period is useful for creativity and well-being. We firmly believe that this is a modern way of building a global and fast-growing company.

Wired just named Lisbon as one of Europe's hottest startup cities and recently, the Web Summit, Europe's largest startup conference, moved to the city.

Mentimeter boasted strong growth figures last year and shows no sign of stopping - Mentimeter has been named one of Sweden's fastest growing startups 2 years in a row and we grow faster now than a year ago - our users go crazy for our product.

We need a few more key people to support our growth, such as sales, product development and marketing, but the goal is to keep the team smart, small and agile.

The move to Lisbon will take place in early February 2018.

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