Mentimeter becomes the first Swedish startup to commit to offsetting its carbon emissions using Direct Air Capture technology

May 05, 2020
Image of Johnny Warström
Johnny WarströmCEO

I’m proud to announce that Mentimeter has signed a negative emissions agreement with Nordic DAC Group, with the goal of becoming a net-zero emissions company.

The agreement means that Mentimeter is the first Swedish startup to commit to offsetting its carbon emissions through the use of Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology; a cutting-edge process by which carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed directly from the atmosphere. The carbon capture will be facilitated by the Nordic DAC Group, which plans to build and initiate a network of DAC plants across the Nordic region over the next 10 years.

Powered by the world’s leading Direct Air Capture technologies created by Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE), the Nordic DAC Group’s first plant - when built and fully operational in 2023 - will extract up to 65 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere on behalf of Mentimeter, representing the estimated carbon footprint the company had during 2019. 

Currently, the market to buy offsetting of carbon emissions does not exist which also the American payment startup Stripe has acknowledged. This means that the technology is costly and hard to access.

With this initiative Mentimeter hopes to trigger even more startups and companies in Sweden to commit to investing in a future we all can enjoy, and creating the market for Carbon offsetting that is needed. 

/Johnny Warström, CEO Mentimeter

About Nordic DAC Group

Our vision is to build and initiate a vast number of Direct Air Capture (DAC) plants before 2030. Our group is working to achieve this by exploring forefront DAC technology, conducting intense research, and facilitating cross-sector collaboration. Today, billions of people are already experiencing the effects of climate change. Climate scientists communicate that to meet the temperature goals of the 2016 Paris Agreement, removal of existing CO2 from the atmosphere is necessary. Aggressive emissions reductions are imperative, and large-scale carbon removal is also required

Through leading Direct Air Capture technologies from Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE), the Nordic DAC Group is committed to accelerating the implementation of DAC plants. In respect of the Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Climate Action is key! It calls for urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, with the climate being intrinsically linked to all 17 UN Goals, such as no poverty and food security, life on land, health and peace. Join our efforts to push the new DAC industry to mitigate climate change.

Nordic DAC is run by serial entrepreneurs Mikael Bergvall (CEO), Finn Ericsson and Peter Magnusson and is based in Sweden.

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