Introducing Mentimeter Academy

October 04, 2021

Everyone here at Mentimeter is delighted to announce the launch of our very own learning center.

October 4th sees the launch of Mentimeter Academy where we will be providing a series of courses related to Mentimeter and the art of presenting. Our instructors and course designers have been hard at work over the past year putting together our Academy and our very first course - Getting Started with Mentimeter

Make presenting easier & Presentations more engaging

The Mentimeter Academy is not just for current and aspiring Mentimeter users, but also for those looking to take the stress out of presenting or improve their presentation skills. The ultimate goal of our Academy is to help make presenting easier and to make presentations a more interesting and engaging experience. 

Our first series of courses will focus on understanding how to use Mentimeter as a beginner, intermediate, and advanced user. We have plenty more courses in production and will be rolling them out in the upcoming months. 

Signing up is a simple process; simply head over to the Academy and create an account. Please note that because we have partnered with Thinkific to power the website, so your Mentimeter account will not be recognized. 

All of our courses will be self-paced, meaning that students can complete lessons in their own time and may go back and repeat lessons and chapters at any point. 

Lessons will feature a variety of videos, quizzes, optional resources, and more. Our in-house Mentimeter experts will be guiding you through each of the chapters while explaining everything there is to know about Mentimeter and presenting. 

Getting Started with Mentimeter: Beginner's Course

Academy Beginner

We have designed our first in a series of courses to focus on the basic elements of Mentimeter, from learning about our different slide types to voting on a presentation. Broken down into 28 lessons across 6 total chapters, this course will give you all the basic knowledge required to make an engaging and impressive Mentimeter presentation.

Course instructor Oscar will work with you each step of the way as you complete quizzes, vote on presentations, and take the all important final test. Everyone that completes the course will also receive their own personalized certificate that they can share on social media - The perfect way to show off those well-earned Menti skills. 

A little sneak peak!

Ok so we’re quite excited about all of this and it’s getting the better of us. So we decided to let you have a quick sneak peak and see what all the fuss is about. 

So let’s see what Oscar has in store for our students. Here is the introduction to Chapter 3: What’s in a Mentimeter.

Coming soon…


As mentioned before, we have plenty more courses in the pipeline. We are currently putting the finishing touches on our Intermediate and Advanced Guides but have plenty more presentation related courses in the works.

Be sure to check out our courses page for more information on how you can stay up to date on new releases. We look forward to seeing you at the Mentimeter Academy.

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