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How to plan and host an inclusive and interactive end of year event at work

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Emma Cullen2018-11-26
Celebrating another year of hard work is important in making employees feel included and appreciated in an organization. One way to celebrate is by hosting an end of year events such as a party or an activity that aims to bring the whole organization or team together. In order to make sure your event is a success, it should be interactive and inclusive.

Ask for planning input

A good way to make sure that everyone in your orgnaization feels included is to as for input in the planning. Use Mentimeter in Audience Pace to create a short survey that can be used to collect information before the event. Check out the example below for some inspiration:

Event planning input survey

Event planning input survey

Make sure you cater to everyone’s needs

During the planning process it is important that you keep in mind attendee’s different needs. These needs could be anything from dietary to making sure that the event venue is accessible. To make sure that everyone’s needs are met, reach out to the attendees and ask them what their needs are. By doing this you will make sure that everyone feels included and it will also reduces any issues during the event itself. An end of year event is definitly more fun when everyone can participate!

Send out information in time

An event is no fun if you don’t have the right information! Make sure that the event information is sent out to all invitees in good time so that they can make arrangements to attend. Ususally, the earlier you send out the invitations, the more people can attend. Try to add as much detail as possible in the invitation and include a contact person that people can reach out to if needed. You might also consider sending out some fun and interactive reminders to the attendees.

Kick off your event with an icebreaker

Once the big day has come around and the event has started, why not create some energy in the room and get the event off to the right start! Use interactive icebreakers to engage with your audience and set the tone for the event. For some icebreaker inspiration, read these blog articles that have plenty of icebreaker examples that you can use with Mentimeter:

20 ready-to-use icebreaker templates for every occasion Start your event with an icebreaker

Create a fun competition

A great way to add some interactivity to your event is by creating a fun competition for everyone to take part in. Here are two examples of how you can create fun competitions with Mentimeter.

Firstly, you can plan a team competition that encourages them to design, create or perform something, and then everyone else can vote on who the winner is, as shown in this example:

Vote for the best team

Vote for the best team

The second type of fun competition can be created by creating a fun Mentimeter quiz. Here everyone at the event can participate using their smartphone, and the person with the best knowledge will win! If you would like to create a quiz for your end of year event, check out these quiz-related resources.

Want more inspiration?

If you’re planning your event and need some more inspiration and ideas, explore these resources for more inspiration!

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