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How to host a pub quiz with Mentimeter

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Emma Cullen2019-06-05
A pub quiz can be a fun event to hold regardless of whether you’re in a pub or not! A pub quiz is a trivia quiz comprised of different rounds in which different teams work together in order to get the most points, to ultimately win a prize!

With Mentimeter, hosting a pub quiz is easy, fun and removes all the admin work that often comes with holding such an event. By using the Quiz Competition feature, you can build competitive live quizzes in minutes and your audience can participate using their smartphones.

In this article we will show you how you can do just that!

Create your pub quiz trivia questions

A pub quiz is only as good as its questions! The best pub quizzes are both challenging and fun; you want to make your participants have to think about the answers but you don’t want to make the questions so difficult that no one gets any right.

Usually, a pub quiz includes several different rounds comprised of a number of different questions on a specific topic. The topics can range from anything: from history to TV to sport to music. So, before starting to create your quiz, you should create a list of the different rounds that you want to include. Try to include a variety of topics, so that all participants feel like they can contribute at some point during the quiz. A variety of different round topics will also make it easier for you to create a quiz that is as challenging as it is fun, because many people will have knowledge on a few topics, but not all of them.

Once you have decided on which rounds will be represented in the quiz, it's now time to start building your questions! In order to create your quiz with Mentimeter you need to log into your account, or create a free account. The Mentimeter free plan is perfect for short quizzes of up to five questions, but if you want to create a long pub quiz, we recommend upgrading your account to the basic or pro plan in order to access unlimited questions. Learn more about our pricing and plans here. Each round should consist of five to ten questions. Allow 30 minutes for each round in order to decide on how many rounds you will need in your quiz.

Creating quiz questions

Now that you have created a structure for your pub quiz and the rounds within it, it's time to start creating your quiz questions. As mentioned above, five to ten questions per round is a good amount.

In Mentimeter you can start to build your quiz quickly. There are two question types in the Quiz Competition section. Decide on which one you want to use, add your question and type in or checkbox the correct answer.

Pro tip: Be sure to fact check your questions and answers! This will avoid any confusion during your pub quiz!


One of the elements that make a Mentimeter pub quiz more fun than a traditional style pub quiz is the leaderboard feature. The leaderboard automatically calculates the points after each question, and displays the top ten teams in a colorful leaderboard. After the final question, the leaderboard will automatically display the winner! The leaderboard removes a lot of dead time between rounds in which usually the questions are being marked. The playful animations also give a feeling of suspense and excitement which will add a great atmosphere to your pub quiz!

Where you show the leaderboard in your Quiz Competition, is totally up to you. By default, the leaderboard is shown after each question, however, you can change this. For a pub quiz, we recommend that you add a leaderboard slide at the end of each round in order to see who is in the lead!

Pro tip: Make your quiz more interesting by adding Quick Slides throughout the quiz to add anecdotal stories or more information about the answers. That way your audience can learn something new!

Quiz setup

Once the big day is here you should spend some time setting up everything in order to make sure that your pub quiz runs smoothly!

What you’ll need:

  • A computer with an internet connection where you can access your Mentimeter presentation
  • A screen or projector so that you can display your Mentimeter Quiz Competition
  • A wifi connection so that participants can connect their smartphones to the internet (if they don’t have access to 4G data, for example)
  • If you don’t think that at least one person in each team will have a smartphone, then be sure to have a smart device such as a tablet that can be borrowed during the quiz.
  • A prize for the winners!

Run your quiz smoothly

The Mentimeter Quiz Competition feature is easy to use, and needs little explanation, but here are a few tips that you can share with your participants in order to make sure everything runs smoothly:

When you start your pub quiz, announce to everyone that they should connect to the presentation using the voting code; only one smartphone per team should be used. Alternatively you can display the QR code for quick access to the quiz presentation. As the Quiz Competition starts, each team will be assigned an avatar that will identify them in the leaderboard. Encourage your participants to think of a fun team name that they can enter when prompted. You could even have a prize for the most inventive team name!

With the information in hand, everyone should be ready to compete and have a lot of fun!

Announce the winner

Once the final question has been asked, it’s time to announce the winner. Announcing the winner is a really fun part of the quiz - especially if the scoring is tight! After the final question, the final leaderboard will automatically show the winning team with a fun animation! At this point your quiz is over and you can give a prize to the winner. You will also be able to see the top ten ranking teams in the leaderboard.

Benefits of using Mentimeter Quiz Competition

There are a number of benefits of using Mentimeter for your quiz, instead of a paper quiz, these include:

  • Time-based online quiz makes it harder for teams to cheat
  • All points are worked out automatically in the tool, eliminating “dead time” between rounds
  • No need to print anything out, in fact remove all written admin tasks, as everything can be done with Mentimeter.

Templates, resources and more!

If you need some inspiration to get started, or would like some pre-made templates to add to your next quiz, why not explore some of these quiz resources:

Quiz Competition templates

55 free trivia and fun quiz question templates

And that’s it! You are now ready to present your best ever Pub Quiz! Let us know how it goes by tweeting us @Mentimeter!

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