What's new in Menti April 2022

April 11, 2022
Mentimeter Applications SlideLibrary 2022-03

Let’s dive straight into what’s new this month in Mentimeter.

We have launched our brand new Slide Library! The Slide Library is a growing hub of interactive and content slides that you can add to your account. Add even more variety to your presentations, display your content, and engage your audience in brand new ways.

The Slide Library allows you to select from 11 new slides that can be added to your collection when creating presentations. These brand new slide types are available on all plans and there is no limit to the number of different slide types you can add to your account.

Where can you find the Slide Library?

There are two ways to add new Slide Types to your account. 

  1. On the website, you can visit the Slide Library page and hover over each slide type to add it to your account. Or, if you want more information on each Slide Type, you can click on the slide to discover more.
  2. When creating a new presentation or editing an existing presentation, browse the collection of slides to find more slides under the “+ Add more” buttons.
Slide Library in-app

The Slide Library Slide Types

Traffic Lights

Use the Traffic Lights Slide to quickly understand how your audience feels using the colors as indicators. Give status updates on projects, KPI performance, or simply find out how people are feeling with this slide.

Guess the Number

The name gives it away, but Guess the Number is a fun interactive way to get the audience involved in your presentation. From guessing last week's sales numbers to how many countries are in the world, you can get creative and use this slide in many different ways.

This or That

Settle some long-standing cultural disputes (e.g. Which is better, cats or dogs?!) and get everyone engaged from the get-go by breaking the ice with the This or That slide.

Truth or Lie

Can you spot the lie? A fun way to introduce a new team member or to test knowledge, the Truth or Lie slide lets you write statements, and the audience has to figure out which one they think is a lie. 


The ultimate relaxation slide. Whether it’s as a meditation tool, a way to pause and reflect during a presentation or to re-energize the audience, the Breather Slide Type is a great way to take a short wellness break and regain focus.

Drum Roll

Build anticipation or share an announcement with this fun Drum Roll slide. This Slide Type even has the added drum sound effects to really whip up the suspense in the room. 


Speed up your presentation building with the Timeline Slide Type. Great for project managers or even in educational settings to show historical dates. The Timeline Slide is a nice way to present roadmaps, chart progress, and track dates in a clear and understandable design. 

Spin the Wheel

Gamify the classroom or bring in elements of surprise with the Spin the Wheel Slide Type. Similar to a wheel of fortune, introduce some randomness and let the wheel decide your next team day out or what topic should be covered next.


Forget about spending ages trying to design slides, Arrows is the perfect way to display content in a clear and simple way. Whether it's to show a series of steps, workflows, or projects, this Slide Type displays ideas and concepts in your next presentation. 


Impress your audience with this cycle diagram Loop Slide Type. Show a series of steps in a project, event, or stage in a circular flow with this slide. Perfect for both teaching a classroom full of students and training your meeting room full of teammates.


Another addition to our ever-growing list of integrations and partnerships, our new Miro slide lets you present a Miro board in Mentimeter without changing tabs or applications. Now you can run more streamlined and efficient workshops by combining two of your favorite tools.

Got some more ideas for the Slide Library? 

We are always interested to see what our users think so feel free to add your thoughts here. So time to get adding your new slides and explore all the new ways to engage your audience.

New Templates Library

Have you seen our new Template page design? It should now be easier to search for relevant templates using the subcategories and preview templates before adding them to your account. We all know how hard it can be starting on a blank canvas, so Templates are a great way to get some inspiration, save time and get your creative juices flowing.

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