How to use Mentimeter when it is not for work

October 29, 2019/5 mins min read
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Creating interactive and engaging presentations with Mentimeter is easy. The many uses almost makes it hard to decide when not to use Mentimeter. You may be familiar with using Mentimeter in the workplace or classroom, but when and where else can you use Mentimeter?

Game nights

Hosting a game night? Mentimeter quiz is the perfect way to get everyone in the competitive spirit. Whether it’s a fun Friday game night or you want to start a weekly family tradition, kicking off with a Menti quiz is the best way to get everyone in the mood.

Persuade the younger generations to stay at home on the weekends by introducing some enjoyable family games. Form teams and compete against one another for some friendly rivalry and see who comes out on top. Play to win a prize or just for gloat and glory, it’s all worth competing for.

Murder mystery party

Planning a murder mystery party but want something a bit different? Using Mentimeter is a great tool to enhance the party by enabling guests to share their theories about the crime, identify the killer or display clues.

Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Party

Pub quiz

Using Mentimeter quiz competition for a pub quiz saves time and paper. Not only will it make the quiz masters life so much easier but there is no need to calculate scores as the quiz feature does it all! Refresh the traditional pub quiz and attract a younger crowd by using technology. Everyone can join via their smartphones or tablets, working in teams or individually to create a fun experience.

DJ song requests

Organising a party and tired of people requesting songs? Yep, we’ve all been there. Displaying a Menti presentation throughout the party and using the open-ended question option allows anyone to submit their song choice throughout the party. A great way to avoid the DJ being constantly hounded for song requests.

DJ Song Requests

DJ Song Requests

Family reunion party

Use a Menti presentation to create fun games at a family reunion. Display different baby pictures and guess who is who or ask some fun family history facts! Make it one to remember, but getting everyone involved from young to old by creating laughter and lasting life-long memories.

Family Reunion Party

Family Reunion Party

Wedding party event

A creative and modern way to get guests to write well wishes to the newlyweds. No need to queue, wait for a pen or someone to finish as you can just log in from your phone and submit. Use open-ended questions to gather all of the responses and download and save what the attendees have written.

Another option is to use Mentimeter to create a twist on traditional wedding games. The classic ‘shoe’ game can be modernised by using Mentimeter to get people to vote and submit their answers and create some laughter at the same time.

Wedding Guestbook

Wedding Guestbook

A fun game of trivia or using Mentimeter at weddings, quiz nights, family gatherings, is the missing ingredient to have a good time and taking your parties to the next level. Become the ultimate quiz master and make your parties renowned.

Share your creative ideas for using Mentimeter outside of the workplace! Let’s have some fun and create laughter together!

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