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August 16, 2021

A key part of our Enterprise package is helping our customers improve the quality of their presentations, no matter if it’s an internal meeting, training session or a meeting with their clients. Our goal is to provide presenters and leaders with the chance to create beautiful and interactive presentations that empower them to work in a smarter and more impactful manner.


Our latest series of updates reflect our desire and commitment to constantly find new ways we can provide our customers with additional value. Collaboration has been a highly requested feature from many of our Enterprise users and is a feature the team has worked tirelessly to implement. Users now have the ability to invite others to edit their Mentimeter presentation. 

A priority of this feature is to remove the awkwardness and hassle of sharing presentations with colleagues and editing them at different times. We want to make this a more streamlined process for our Enterprise customers and now multiple stakeholders can work in the same space, saving both time and energy.

We believe this will improve the quality of presentations as it will become easier for more eyes to look over slides in the editing process and bring more ideas to the table. Collaboration is one more way we aim to help our Enterprise customers but there are more examples of what we have been able to do in the past. 

Here are some stories from customers who have used Mentimeter in a variety of different scenarios, all to great effect.  

Enhancing Trainings

Trusted to provide more engaging training sessions for it’s employees, one of the world’s financial service giants has been using Mentimeter extensively in their Learning & Development department for over two years. 

The organization's goal was simple: to improve both engagement rates and satisfaction rates in their internal trainings. Our Enterprise package has allowed them to improve the quality of their training sessions by making them more engaging and interactive,.

Mentimeter's versatility means that it has become more than just a handy tool, it has become an integral part of their L&D strategy and vision. Our product has been embedded into more than 13,000 trainings, in which more than 200,000 voices have been given the opportunity to speak up. 

Previously, there had been a heavy reliance on in-person meetings. Thanks to Mentimeter, our customer has been able to transition away from solely relying on face-to-face meetings and quickly adapt to the changing times we find ourselves in. This has helped to save significant time and cost that used to come with their in-person training sessions. 

Improving Meetings

Over the past two years Mentimeter has made the meetings and workshops of a leading global software company more immersive and transparent. From product meetings to advisory programs and feedback panels, Mentimeter has been a key factor in making these sessions more dynamic. 

We have also been on hand to support their Agile and Scrum teams. They have used Mentis to improve their evaluation and prioritization process in an effort to make them more transparent and inclusive. 

Menti presentations have been used extensively in both online and offline scenarios and our presentations have helped facilitate the gradual transition of these teams to the world digital working. The versatile nature of our Enterprise plan has meant that our customers have maintained a high level of product satisfaction. 

Now the organization has more than 5,000 registered users and how they use Mentimeter has expanded beyond client meetings. Internal meetings have, likewise, achieved the same level of engagement and inclusivity that external meetings had always enjoyed.

See How You Can Do More 

For more information and to get in touch with a member of our sales team, head over to our Enterprise page or download our Enterprise Guide. Additionally, if you’re interested in seeing just what else we have to offer, you can always visit our Customer Stories page and discover what others have been able to do with the help of Mentimeter.

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