What great presenters do that others don’t

February 16, 2017
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Glenice ChenCustomer Support Representative

Interactivity provides increased audience participation and engagement. It’s, simply put, a lot more fun to attend an interactive presentation! Interaction done right will definitely boost your presentations, here’s how:

Interact throughout the entire presentation

It’s proven that interaction increases learning. But to make this happen and have participants leave a presentation enlightened and energized, great presenters keep interacting continuously throughout the presentation. They avoid the common mistake of putting all interaction in one basket, such as at the beginning or end of the event.

Create an atmosphere that enables interaction

Some audiences just aren’t that comfortable with interacting during a presentation by speaking out loud in front of lots of people. A great presenter creates an atmosphere or use tools/systems that encourage and enable interaction with everyone in the audience.

Focus on fun

It all comes down to this, great presenters make their presentations fun. A fun presentation will be both more engaging and memorable. Interacting with the participants and making them feel involved is a great way to achieve this. Want more inspiration of how to focus on fun? Here are 4 fantastic icebreakers to put energy into your presentations and meetings.

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