90 Poll Questions For Every Occasion

February 09, 2023
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What better way to gauge the room and engage with every member of your audience than with a poll question? Think of it as the perfect way to break the ice or to gather data on some compelling topic or important matter. We also want to make it easy and fun for everyone to participate so those votes will come flying in thick and fast.

Of course, you can use a wide variety of poll questions; Multiple Choice Polls, Word Cloud, and Rankings slides offer plenty of options no matter the situation. With all that in mind, we have compiled an array of different slide types you can use now or as inspiration for some time down the line.

Live Polling Tools

There are plenty of tools online that will help you run a live poll no matter if you are standing in front of a marketing department, or a lecture hall full of students. It can, however, be tough to navigate the endless Google search results. You will likely need something that is easy to use and lets anyone in the group quickly have their say or vote on your poll. 

Another major benefit would be seeing results appear on screen in real-time

What are good poll questions?

A good poll makes everyone think about their answers and take each option into account before making their decision. If you want to ask an icebreaker question then a good poll would require people to take a moment to consider their answer and warm up the creative thinking part of their brain. 

If you want to gather opinions during a meeting then a good poll would have a few options that might be tough to choose between. For classrooms and polls to ask students, then you probably don’t want to make the answer too obvious but use the poll as a way to properly assess understanding and avoid confusion. So, to help you create your polls, we have put together some categories you can use as inspiration.

Fun Poll Questions

It can be tough to kick off a meeting, a brainstorming session, a team sync, and an all-teams meeting. So often you need something to help get the ball rolling. Here are a few fun icebreakers designed to kindle some chat, spark some ideas, and ignite your next meeting. 

Interesting polls

1. What’s your favorite app?

What Is Your Favorite App?

What Is Your Favorite App?

2. What’s your favorite pastime?

3. What’s your deepest fear?

4. If you could pick a superpower what would you choose?

5. What famous person, living or dead, would you invite to dinner?

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6. Which Harry Potter house do you belong to?

Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong To?

Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong To?

7. Where in the world do you most want to live?

8. Where’s Waldo?

9. How strongly do you take your coffee?

10. At what ripeness do you eat your bananas? 

Rankings polls

11. What’s the best pizza topping?

  • Pepperoni 
  • Pineapple 
  • Just cheese 
  • Mushrooms

12. What’s the cutest animal?

  • Kittens 
  • Puppies 
  • Rabbits
  • Otters

13. Which country has the best accent?

  • France 
  • Ireland 
  • New Zealand
  • Italy
  • Other

14. What do you find scariest?

  • Heights 
  • Flying 
  • Small spaces
  • Work
  • Needles

15. What was the best series?

  • Game of Thrones 
  • Breaking Bad 
  • The Wire
  • The Sopranos
  • Mad Men

Multiple Choice questions

16. What is your favorite holiday of the year?

  • Christmas 
  • Thanksgiving 
  • New Year’s 
  • Halloween

17. If you could play one instrument well, which would you pick?

  • Piano 
  • Guitar 
  • Saxophone
  • Drums
  • Other

18. If you could visit one fictional world, where would you visit?

  • Middle Earth 
  • Westeros 
  • The Wizarding World
  • Neverland

19. Which of these dwarves best describes you? 

  • Sleepy
  • Grumpy
  • Happy
  • Dopey
  • Bashful

20. Which of these would be the hardest to live without?

  1. Chocolate
  2. Music
  3. Your favorite drink
  4. Your phone
  5. TV / Streaming 

Meeting Polls

No matter if you manage a small or growing team, poll questions are an excellent way for your team to share opinions and feedback. Scales and Ranking questions are just two slide types that can help you better understand what your team is thinking. 

Scale polls

21. Strongly Agree / Strongly Disagree Scale

  • Meeting Efficiency Reflection
Meeting Efficiency Reflection

Meeting Efficiency Reflection

  • We are reaching our team goals
  • We are maximizing our time as a team
  • We are performing well as a team 
  • I’m happy with my work/life balance

22. 1 - 10 scale

  • How is your energy level today?
  • Are you feeling productive this week?
  • How busy have you been this past week?
  • I feel I have the support of the team
  • I feel that people are making an effort to include me

23. Unclear - Clear scale 

  • Do you understand the purpose of this meeting?
  • Did you see and understand the agenda?
  • What do you feel about our team goals?
  • How do you feel about your responsibilities?
  • What do you think of your role within the team?

24. Needs Improvement - Excelling

  • How are we connecting with our clients?
  • How are we communicating with our clients?
  • How is our team performing overall?
  • Are we working efficiently?
  • How is both our internal and external communication?

25. De-emphasize - Prioritize

  • Team efficiency
  • Team bonding activities
  • Coverage tracking
  • Long term projects

26. Not meetings goals / Exceeding Expectations scale

  • Sales forecasts
  • Marketing forecasts
  • Company culture goals
  • Onboarding projects

27. Very unhappy / Exceedingly happy scale

  • Company culture
  • Stress level
  • Professional development
  • My performance

28. Needs improvement / Working well scale

  • Training sessions 
  • Employee onboarding program 
  • Client support
  • Meeting efficiency 

29. 1 - 10 How well does it work scale

  • Our work-from-home policy
  • Our maternity/paternity leave policy 
  • Our benefits package
  • Our salary levels

30. Extremely unlikely / Extremely likely

  • Would you recommend this company to others
  • Would you recommend your manager
  • Would you recommend your team to others


31. Plan the Next Quarter

Plan the Next Quarter

Plan the Next Quarter

32. What do you value most personally?

  • Work-Life balance 
  • Career Progression 
  • Relationships with colleagues
  • Earning tons of money

33. What do we need to focus on this quarter?

  • Our main KPIs
  • Yearly targets
  • Improving efficiency
  • Working better as a team

34. What do we do well?

  • Communication 
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Crisis management

35. How can we improve the value of these meetings?

  • Reduce the duration
  • Create an agenda for discussion
  • Hold them more / less frequently
  • Someone new hosts each session

Word Cloud 

36. What topic do you want to cover next week?

37. What is our biggest challenge as a team?

38. Who do you think deserves praise for their work?

39. What is our main strength/weakness as a team?

40. Are there any new projects we should look into? 

Open Ended Questions

41. Is there anyone in the company you think deserves a shoutout?

42. Do you have an idea for a fun bonding session?

43. Is there anything we as a team could present to the company?

44. What other team would you like to collaborate with?

45. Are there any other metrics / KPIs we should prioritize? 

46. What can we do to make the post-Covid world easier for employees?

Post Covid Office

Post Covid Office

47. Are our performance reviews done smartly and efficiently?

48. Is there anything causing you stress right now?

49. What can we as a company do better?

50. Is there an area we should consider investing more time and effort in?

Multiple Choice 

51. Which of these initiatives do you think sounds best

New Initiative Poll

New Initiative Poll

52. How do you feel last quarter went?

  • Better than expected
  • As expected 
  • Worse than expected

53. Are you happy with the direction the company is going?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure

54. What projects are you most proud of?

  • Marketing project 
  • Sales Project 
  • Dev Project
  • HR Project 

55. Where do you prefer to work?

  • From home
  • Remotely 
  • A bit of both

Word Cloud Questions

56. How can we improve customer satisfaction?

57. How do you feel about leadership?

58. What additional training would you like to see offered?

59. How would you describe this company?

60. How would you describe our company culture?

Classroom Polls

The business world isn’t the only time we can use poll questions. Gathering information from students is also a vital part of both school and university life. So with that in mind, let’s dive in and look at what pertinent questions you can ask your students. 

Word Cloud Questions

61. Language Class Word Cloud 

Language Class

Language Class

62. What words come to mind when you think about climate change?

63. What is your favorite thing to do in class?

64. What is your favorite subject?

65. What do you think of (insert subject of choice here)?

Open Ended Questions

66. What did we do in today’s lesson?

What did we do in today's lesson?

What did we do in today's lesson?

67. What topics do we need to cover before the exam?

68. Which subjects have you enjoyed the most this year?

69. How do you study and what materials work best for you?

70. Was there anything you wish we did more / less of this term?

Multiple Choice Questions

71. My favorite type of learning material is 

  • Online resources
  • Books
  • Videos 
  • Other

72. How has your understanding of this subject changed throughout the year

  • I understand a lot more 
  • I am struggling
  • No change 
  • Some slight improvement

73. Do you feel about your exams

  • Excited!
  • Stressed
  • Unsure

74. Was this class what you expected?

  • Yes 
  • No 
  • Some aspects were and some were not

75. Would you take this class again?

  • Absolutely
  • I’m not sure
  • No
  • Maybe if it was changed a bit

Icebreaker Polls

Our goal at Mentimeter is to make meetings more exciting, engaging, interactive, and interesting. So we have whipped up some extra special slides for you to use!

76. We're relocating our HQ, where shall we go?

We're relocating our HQ, where shall we go?

We're relocating our HQ, where shall we go?

77. Back to the office dress code?

78. What is your work situation looking like these days?

79. Pineapple on pizza. Acceptable?

Interactive Polls

Maybe you’re looking for something a little bit more advanced; something to make your audience think, "wow this presentation has stuff I've never seen before!" Well, you’re in luck because, while all of our slides are interactive, we have some that jump off the screen! 

80. Company and Competitor matrix

Company and Competitor Matrix

Company and Competitor Matrix


81. Action Priority Matrix

 2x2 action prioritization matrix

2x2 action prioritization matrix

82. DiSC Analysis 

83. Growth Share Matrix 

84. Eisenhower Matrix

85. Ansoff Matrix 

Opinion Polls

Opinion polls can be a great way to understand what your team or students prefer. How they view your leadership or teaching style. Or just what they think about the world.

86. What day of the week do you want to have our weekly meeting?

87. what format should our end-of-year exam be?

  • Essay
  • Written examination
  • Oral examination
  • Continuous assessment

88. What political party do you trust the most?

89. What is your view on the recent political crisis?

90. Do you think tools like ChatGPT should be banned?

  • Yes
  • No
  • They should be regulated but not banned

Need some more poll ideas?

Perhaps you need some more ideas and inspiration or maybe you would prefer to run a survey rather than a poll. Have no fear because we have plenty of other articles on our blog for you to read. But if you want to get started right away and create some amazing polls, then we have a plan that will meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I choose the right poll question for my audience? A: Consider the demographic, interests, and the context of the meeting or event. Tailor your questions to match the audience's background and the objectives of your session. It's essential to align the questions with the overall tone and purpose, whether it's to break the ice, gather feedback, or encourage learning.

Q: Can I customize these poll questions for my specific needs? A: Absolutely! The questions provided are meant to serve as a starting point. Feel free to adapt the wording, add specific details, or modify them to better suit your audience or the theme of your event. Customization can make the questions more relevant and engaging for your participants.

Q: What platforms can I use to present these poll questions? A: There are various interactive platforms like Mentimeter, where you can create polls, quizzes, and interactive questions. These platforms allow you to present your questions live and see real-time responses from your audience, making your sessions more interactive and engaging.

Q: How can I ensure high participation when using poll questions? A: Encourage participation by making the process simple and straightforward. Use platforms that allow for anonymous responses to ensure that participants feel comfortable sharing their opinions. Additionally, emphasize the importance of everyone's input and how it contributes to the session's goals.

Q: Are there best practices for framing poll questions to get the most insightful responses? A: Yes, it's crucial to keep your questions clear, concise, and unbiased to avoid leading the participants towards a particular answer. Open-ended questions can provide deeper insights, while multiple-choice questions can be useful for gathering quantifiable data quickly.

Q: What should I do with the data collected from these poll questions? A: Analyze the responses to gain insights into your audience's preferences, opinions, or knowledge. Use this information to tailor your content, make informed decisions, or foster further discussion. Sharing the results with your audience can also stimulate engagement and further discussion.

Q: How can I integrate these poll questions into a virtual event? A: For virtual events, use a platform that supports live polling and can be easily integrated into your presentation or webinar tool. Provide clear instructions for participation and consider doing a test question to ensure everyone is comfortable with the process.

Q: Can these poll questions be used for post-event feedback? A: Certainly! Some of the questions can be adapted to gather feedback about the event itself. This can be invaluable for understanding what worked, what didn't, and what can be improved for future events.

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