Tips and tricks for teaching with Mentimeter

October 13, 2020
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Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that helps to engage students and enables every voice in a classroom or lecture hall to be heard. You can use it to gauge student comprehension, test knowledge retention or as a fun way to break up learning. But, we are sure you know all that. We just wanted to share with you our top tips for teachers using Mentimeter that you may be missing out on.

Here is our cheat sheet for teachers to make life even easier whilst presenting with Mentimeter. 

The Profanity filter

This really is a lifesaver and once you start using it you won’t be able to live without it. Turning on the profanity filter means that you can filter out all of those pesky words your students may try and slip into your presentation. It is also available in many languages and includes emojis! Instead, it will show a scramble of symbols and conceal the profanity. To find out how to use the profanity filter read this how to guide.

profanity filter

If any words do slip past, you can also close voting and select the word you want to delete from the word cloud or open-ended question to remove it. Read the help article for more information on how. 

Pro tip - turn on the profanity filter in all languages to cover all bases. 

Use Math symbols

From time to time you may need to add some math symbols to your presentations. Luckily, you can do that with Mentimeter. You can now add fractions, greek letters, equations and formulas to your presentation. They will appear on your presentation slides and on the students phones or device on 

Change the language

You can change the voting language on and the voting instructions on your presentation. This is great to make voting easier for many students and to make language barriers a thing of the past!

Get to know the keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts will really make your presentation smoother and working with Mentimeter simpler. Whilst presenting you can press ‘K’ to show this list of keyboard shortcuts. 

keyboard shortcuts

We love keyboard shortcut ‘I’ which shows the QR code as well as the presentation code in full screen. 

Test Votes

If you are unsure what your presentation will look like once your students have started voting, you can try out Test Votes! Use the keyboard shortcut ‘T’ to see what the slide will look like once participants have responded. 

test votes

Re-use the presentation 

You can reuse your presentation as many times as you like! Just don’t forget to reset the results and then you are ready to go. You can export the results as an image or pdf and if you are on a paid plan you can export the results to excel. This is a great way to track students comprehensive over a period of time and compare results. 

Who voted what?

Voting with Mentimeter is anonymous, we want to help facilitate frank and honest discussions and believe this is the best way to do so. However, you can segment your results to find out more about voters. 

Free Templates

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out all of our free and ready-to-use templates that can be added to your account and used straight away to start engaging your students. Get inspired and start creating your own interactive presentations to increase learning and make it fun!

Get to Know Your Teacher Quiz

Get to Know Your Teacher Quiz

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