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How to make your team more efficient

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Emma Cullen2018-08-30
Effective teamwork is the key to success for most businesses, but building an efficient team can be hard work. However, it is totally achievable. By having a solid plan and a humble approach you can make your team an efficient one and lead them to success! This article will guide you through steps you can take to improve your team’s efficiency.

Learn how to be a good leader

Whilst some of us may have a natural talent for leadership, it is important that those in leadership positions take the time to learn how to be a good leader. You can learn how to be a leader in a number of different ways. For example, by attending courses, reading books or finding a mentor to guide you. By improving yourself and learning how to become a good leader you can help lead your team more efficiently.

Understand your team

In order for your team to be efficient, as a leader, it is your responsibility to know and understand your team. By understanding each individual's strengths and weakness, how they like to work and receive feedback, you will be able to understand how to make your team efficient. Learn more about your team by booking team activities together and 1-to-1 sessions with individuals in order to learn what they are like and how you can work with them in the most efficient way.

Communicate clearly

Clear communication improves effectiveness. Without clear communication, team members may not understand assigned tasks which can cause extra work and frustration. Improve communication by testing a Mentimeter template in your next presentation in order to collect ideas and feedback.

Create a common goal

The most efficient teams work towards a common clear goal together. Create and share relevant goals with the whole team, so that everyone can understand what they are aiming for. This will also make planning tasks and projects a lot easier, allowing you to focus more on working, rather than planning.

Build an environment of trust

In order for your team to work most efficiently, they should feel comfortable in their work environment. As a leader, it is up to you to make sure that you build an environment of trust. Do this by setting some ground rules with your team in order to set up boundaries and establish what is acceptable. Use this Mentimeter template and build an environment of trust and safety with your team!

Delegate responsibility based on strengths

Delegating responsibility based on your teams strengths can be a great way to make your team more efficient. It is very natural that different people have different strengths in the workplace. When creating projects and assigning tasks try to keep in mind the different skills each of your team members have.

Incorporate learning and reflection processes

Learning how to reflect on past projects and accomplishments is a great way to learn, grow in order become a more efficient team. One way to do this is to hold a Retrospective, which is essentially a meeting to look back and assess the project. A Retrospective doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Build team spirit

Whilst it is hard to measure, team spirit is important in order to for your team to work effectively. Encouraging team spirit can have amazing long-term effects on your team, including better employee retention and well-being, as well as team effectiveness. If this is an area you’re interested in, we have written a whole blog post about the subject: 6 ways you can encourage team spirit in the workplace.

Automate and optimize processes

As a leader you should constantly look for opportunities to automate and optimize workflows. By taking steps to automate certain workflows (such as administrative tasks) you can remove the less important tasks and your team can focus on more important assignments.

Praise and reward

Team morale is linked to efficiency, so take steps to make sure that praise and reward your team when they reach their goals or do particularly good work. In the long term, this will promote efficiency as your team will feel appreciated for what they do, and will be inspired to keep pushing to do their best!

Mentimeter can be used to promote team efficiency as well as in many other different situations. Start improving team efficiency today.

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