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How can remote teams use Mentimeter?

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Emma Cullen2018-09-24
Whether your whole team works remotely, or just one or two members do, you can use Mentimeter effectively to make meetings more engaging, check-in with colleagues and even have more fun at work! Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that can be used wherever your audience is. This article explores some tips and tricks for using Mentimeter with your remote team to encourage a feeling of team spirit and make everyone feel like they’re in the same room!

Brainstorming made easy

Whilst you may not work in the same room as your team, you still need to work together. When you’re not together in the same room, brainstorming ideas for upcoming projects can be difficult. Mentimeter is a great brainstorming tool for remote teams. You can use a Mentimeter presentation to support you during team calls by just sharing the voting code to be used at with your team at the start of the meeting.

For easy brainstorming, use a Word Cloud or Open Ended question type and let your team share their thoughts and ideas in a manageable way. All the answers are saved in Mentimeter too, which means a lot less note-taking for you! Once you have collected all your ideas, it’s is a lot easier to prioritize and plan.

Prioritize tasks together

Quickly prioritize team tasks with Mentimeter. Try out this template that is perfect for quickly prioritizing tasks and avoid long email threads:

A quick check-in

If you want to quickly check-in with your team to see how the overall feeling is you can ask your team a Mentimeter question to quickly see what’s going on. Quickly check-in during team calls or share the voting code in your team’s chat app. Here are some different templates you can use to check-in with your team in different ways:

Gather feedback

Feedback collection is incredibly important for remote teams. This is because it can be hard to pick up on a colleagues body language when most of your interactions with your colleagues are conducted via phone or chat apps. Use Mentimeter to gather feedback from your remote team quickly and easily. Easily share the voting info in your team chat app and they can quickly give feedback. The responses are anonymous so you know that the feedback has a greater chance of being honest.

Pro tip: Use the same question over a period of time and use the sessions and trends feature to measure feedback and responses over a longer period of time.

Just for fun

Just because you’re not in the same room as your team, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun together! How about rounding off the week with a Mentimeter Quiz? Try out to Mentimeter Quiz question type and make a fun quiz for you and your remote team!

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