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All-hands meeting complete guide

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Olivia Hanifan04 of November, 2019
An all-hands meeting can also be referred to as a town hall meeting. Typically, at an all-hands meeting, everyone from the company is gathered and brought up to date on business activities, from product updates, issues or achievements. It is an easy way to inform the whole company collectively and is an important way to build company culture and reconnect as a team.

As employees time gets more and more exhausted with meetings, adding another one to the mix may be a daunting thought. Therefore executing an effective all-hands meeting becomes even more important in order to not waste time, demotivate or distract from work. Carried out well, all-hands meetings are perfect to promote a sense of togetherness, encourage open communication and energize the entire organization.

What should be in your all-hands meeting agenda?

  • Express or discuss any issues within the business and things that need to be improved

  • Give praise and present achievements

  • Make it an open forum to discuss and ask questions

  • Coordinate business activities and give updates

  • Opportunity to reflect

In the fast-paced world of business, time is money so you may be thinking why should I add another meeting into the schedule, but an all-hands meeting has considerable benefits. Here are 7 benefits of holding an all-hands meeting:

1. Creates a strong company culture

Your employees may be tired of always hearing about the company culture, but actually walking the walk and not just talking the talk is the best way to reinforce and back it up. All-hands meetings are the perfect time to showcase the company culture and most importantly, they are all about the company’s most important asset, the people. Giving everyone the opportunity to contribute, speak and present and take away the boring meeting stigma is the best way to demonstrate who you really are as a company.

2. Provide clarity

If people are unsure of what needs to be done or what is going on in the business it can stifle productivity and efficiency. An all-hands meeting can prevent any such pitfalls by giving a channel to provide explanations or clarifications on any unclear business aspects. When employees understand, they can be more effective and constructive.

3. Keep everyone updated

Whether it be about new product updates, new employees, or any issues that have occurred, an all-hands covers all bases. It is also a great venue to reveal the company’s future plans and goals which can give everyone a clear vision of what is expected of them and want they want to be achieved. Employees can find out what is happening now and what will happen in the future all in one go.

4. Connect with remote teams

With teams increasingly scattered all over the world, regrouping and syncing is more important than ever. All-hands meetings save time and increase efficiency by connecting every member of the organization and relaying important information at the same time. They also allow remote teams to feel part of the company and connected to the headquarters.

5. Show off accomplishments

Highlight all of the great work that everyone is doing. Celebrate the people in the organization by showing off good work, achievements and boost the team spirit. By giving praise publicly it can energize employees and inspire them to keep working hard and achieving the company goals and targets.

6. Create a forum that promotes communication

All-hands meetings give employees a unique opportunity to ask questions to the company leaders or ask general company-related questions. It supports transparency throughout the organization and encourages two-way dialogues such as enabling employees to give their opinions and feedback. Not only this but management can discover areas for improvement thanks to employees contributions. All-hands meetings give everyone within the organization a voice to be heard, which in turn makes them feel valued and appreciated fostering hard-work.

7. Build a sense of team spirit

Behind every successful company, there is a tribe of loyal employees. Bringing everyone together is an awesome way to form a team environment and build a sense of community. It fosters cooperation and collaboration between individuals. By having a forum where employees can praise colleagues it can boost employee satisfaction and morale leading to a more engaged and effective workforce.

It is never too late or early to introduce all-hands meeting. If you start finding it difficult to keep everyone on the same page then you should definitely be having one!

Struggling with where to start? Get some inspiration with our all-hands meeting template.

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