10 PowerPoint alternatives to level up your presentations [2024]

June 07, 2024

Let's face it: PowerPoint isn't exactly known for being exciting. Sure, it gets the job done, but if you want to spice up your presentations, then it's time to explore some PowerPoint alternatives.

The world of presentation creation has exploded in recent years, offering a plethora of tools that cater to every style and need. Whether you're a team leader firing up a sales pitch, an educator looking to engage your students, or a trainer building an informative course, there's a perfect presentation platform out there for you. 

So ditch the clip art and dive into this guide to discover the best PowerPoint alternatives that will have your audience leaning in (and maybe even taking notes!).

Table of contents

  • Best tools at a glance
  • 1. Mentimeter
  • 2. Google Slides
  • 3. Keynote
  • 4. Prezi
  • 5. Canva
  • 6. Beautiful.ai
  • 7. Visme
  • 8. Zoho Show
  • 9. Pitch
  • 10. Powtoon
  • What to look for in a PowerPoint alternative

Best PowerPoint alternatives at a glance

Sure, PowerPoint is the OG of presentation tools, but let's be honest — it's a bit, well, stale. There's a whole world of creative tools out there to take your presentations from snoozefest to showstopper.  

Here's a list of our top PowerPoint alternatives, each catering to specific presentation styles:

Tool Tool Top features vs. PowerPoint Free version Price (paid plans)
Mentimeter Interactive presentations Real-time audience engagement, interactive features, simpler pricing Yes Starts at $11.99/presenter/month
Google Slides Collaborative presentationsReal-time collaboration, Google Workspace integrations, access from any device Yes Free
Keynote Mac users Intuitive interface, pre-designed themes, Apple app integrations Yes Free with purchase of a Mac product
Prezi Non-linear presentations Zooming canvas, non-linear storytelling, focus on visuals and multimedia Yes Starts at $7/user/month
Canva Fully loaded presentation templates Drag-and-drop interface, vast library of templates, icons, and stock photos Yes Starts at $120/user/year
Beautiful.ai AI-powered design AI design capabilities, smart data visualization tools, easy to learnNo Starts at $12/user/month
Visme Content creation All-in-one content creation, rich media integration Yes Starts at $12.25/user/month
Zoho Show Simple presentations Simple interface, easy to learn, accessible from any device with a web browser Yes Starts at $2.50/user/month
Pitch Pitch decks & sales demos Focuses on storytelling and clear communication, coaching features help refine delivery Yes Starts at $25/user/month
Powtoon Animated presentations & explainer videosEasy-to-use interface, large library of pre-animated characters and assets Yes Starts at $15/user/month

1. Mentimeter

Great for: Interactive presentations

Price: Free to join, with paid plans starting at $11.99/presenter/month

Screenshot of Mentimeter poll.

PowerPoint is the trusty workhorse of presentations, but it lacks the ability to truly grab your audience's attention. Enter Mentimeter, a real-time engagement platform that lets you ditch the static slides. 

Picture throwing live polls, quizzes, and word clouds into your presentation, getting instant feedback from your audience, and keeping them glued to their screens. Mentimeter shines with its interactive features, turning presentations into real conversations. Mentimeter even has an AI presentation builder to help take the hard work off your plate.  

Here's where it outshines PowerPoint:

  • Real-time interaction: Present and gather audience insights simultaneously.
  • Increased engagement: Boost participation with polls, quizzes, live word clouds, and Q&A sessions.
  • Anonymous feedback: Get honest opinions without intimidation.

Even better, Menti offers a PowerPoint integration so you can spruce up all those old trusty PowerPoint presentations of yours! Check out how in this video by our own Mentimeter expert Oscar:

Feature Mentimeter PowerPoint
Interaction Real-time audience engagement with polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As, and live results Limited to presenter control
Customization Customizable templates and themes available More powerful design features (customizable themes, animations, transitions)
Presentation style Dynamic and interactive Static and linear
Data visualization Real-time results and data visualization tools Requires manual input and data visualization tools
Ease of use Relatively easy to learn, with tutorials available Easier to learn for basic presentations, steeper curve for advanced features

2. Google Slides

Great for: Collaborative presentations

Price: Free

Screenshot of Google Slides

Forget about emailing drafts back and forth — Google Slides is the collaboration champion when it comes to presentations. This free, web-based tool lets you avoid file-sharing headaches and work on presentations with your team in real time. 

With Google Slides, multiple team members can edit slides simultaneously, add comments, and view edits instantly. Google Slides is the perfect collaboration tool for teams that brainstorm, iterate, and build presentations together. It holds its own against PowerPoint with some key advantages:

Feature Google Slides PowerPoint
Collaboration Real-time editing with multiple users Limited collaboration features (requires manual file sharing)
Accessibility Free, web-based access from any device with internet Paid software, requires installation on specific devices
Integration Tight integration with Google Workspace apps (Docs, Sheets, etc.) Limited integration outside Microsoft 365
Design features Fewer design options than PowerPoint More powerful design features
Ease of use Easier to learn and use Steeper learning curve for advanced features

3. Keynote

Great for: Mac users

Price: Free with purchase of a Mac product

screenshot of Keynote.

While PowerPoint reigns supreme on PCs, Keynote is the king of presentations on Macs. This Apple-made software boasts a sleek interface and intuitive design features, perfect for creating visually stunning presentations. 

Use Keynote to effortlessly craft presentations with customizable pre-designed themes, seamless media integration, and smooth animations. This presentation tool is great for Mac users who prioritize a user-friendly experience and a focus on aesthetics. Here's a breakdown of how Keynote stacks up against PowerPoint:

Feature Keynote PowerPoint
Platform Mac only Windows & Mac
Design Sleek, user-friendly interface More traditional interface
Themes Beautiful pre-designed themes Wider variety of themes, but some may feel dated
Media integration Seamless integration with Photos, iMovie, and other Apple apps Good media integration, but may require additional steps
Collaboration Real-time collaboration available with iCloud Real-time collaboration available with Microsoft 365 subscription

4. Prezi

Great for: Non-linear presentations

Price: Free 14-day trial available, with paid plans starting at $7/user/month

Screenshot of Prezi presentation.

Prezi is one of our favorite PowerPoint alternatives, but it’s not for the creatively faint-hearted. But if you have the vision and the skills, you can produce visually stunning presentations that will wow your audience more than a standard PowerPoint presentation ever could. 

Prezi is perfect for presentations that are non-linear, data-heavy, or just need a more dynamic approach. While PowerPoint excels at clear-cut organization, Prezi lets you unleash your inner information architect, crafting presentations that feel like an engaging journey. Here's how Prezi throws down the gauntlet:

Feature Prezi PowerPoint
Presentation style Non-linear, zooming canvas Linear, slide-based
Navigation Zoom in and out to explore content Click through slides in a predetermined order
Structure Flexible, allows for organic flow Structured, ideal for clear organization
Visual appeal High focus on visuals and multimedia More text-heavy, with some design limitations
Ease of use Steeper learning curve for mastering zooming navigation Easier to learn for basic presentations

5. Canva

Great for: Fully loaded presentation templates

Price: Free to join, with paid plans starting at $120/user/year

Screenshot of Canva template library.

Feeling the struggle of crafting a presentation in PowerPoint from scratch? Let Canva save the day with its treasure trove of premade, fully loaded presentation templates. We're talking stunning layouts, drag-and-drop functionality, and a library of stock photos and icons that would make any data point sing. 

While most presentation tools, including PowerPoint, now offer templates and shortcuts to get you started, Canva lets even the most design-challenged user create professional-looking slides in minutes. Here’s how it compares to PowerPoint:

Feature Canva PowerPoint
Focus Design-oriented presentations All-purpose presentations with complex data visualization
Templates Extensive library of premade customizable templates Limited templates, mostly basic layouts
Design tools Drag-and-drop functionality, user-friendly interface More advanced design tools, steeper learning curve
Visual assets Large library of stock photos, icons, and illustrations Limited built-in assets, requires external sourcing
Ease of use Easier to learn for basic presentations Steeper learning curve for advanced features

6. Beautiful.ai

Great for: AI-powered design 

Price: Plans start at $12/user/month

Screenshot of beautiful.ai platform.

If a good presentation is all about how it looks, Beautiful.ai is a lesser-known PowerPoint alternative that may be worth exploring. This AI design assistant takes the struggle out of presentation creation, analyzing your content and whipping up stunning visuals with the click of a button. 

While PowerPoint offers plenty of customization options, Beautiful.ai focuses on using artificial intelligence to create informative and undeniably eye-catching presentations. Here’s how it holds its own:

Feature Beautiful.ai PowerPoint
Design focus AI-powered design for automatic polish and consistency Manual design with extensive customization options
Data visualization Smart data visualization tools for clear communication Requires manual data formatting and design
Customization Limited customization options for branding High degree of customization for specific needs
Ease of use Relatively easy to learn with a focus on content creation Steeper learning curve for advanced design features

7. Visme

Great for: Content creation

Price: Free to join, with paid plans starting at $12.25/user/month

Screenshot of Visme platform.

Feeling like PowerPoint is a one-trick pony for presentations? Visme steps up as your all-in-one content creation hub. This online platform lets you craft not just presentations, but infographics, social media graphics, and even videos — all under one roof. Visme allows for rich media integration, interactive elements, and the ability to tell your story in a variety of formats.  

While PowerPoint excels at traditional presentations, Visme lets you unleash your inner multimedia maestro, creating content as engaging as it is informative. It's perfect for data-heavy presentations, explainer videos, or anyone who wants to go beyond the static slide format. Here's how Visme compares to PowerPoint:

Feature Visme PowerPoint
Focus All-in-one content creation (presentations, infographics, etc.) Presentations and slide creation
Content types Multimedia presentations, infographics, videos Primarily static slides
Interactivity Integrate quizzes, polls, and other interactive elements Limited interactive features
Ease of use Steeper learning curve for advanced features Easier to learn for basic presentations

8. Zoho Show

Best for: Simple presentations

Price: Free to join, with paid plans starting at $2.50/user/month

Screenshot of Zoho Show presentation builder.

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy presentation tool that won't weigh you down — that’s where Zoho Show shines. This web-based presentation tool lets you create decent-looking slides without the bells and whistles. Think of it as the "jeans and t-shirt" of presentations — perfect for casual meetings, internal updates, or brainstorming sessions

With its user-friendly interface and free plan, Zoho Show lets you whip up presentations on the fly, collaborate with your team, and avoid software installation hassles. While PowerPoint is a powerhouse of features, Zoho Show stands out for its simplicity and accessibility. Here’s how they measure up: 

Feature Zoho Show PowerPoint
Focus Simple, casual presentations All-purpose presentations & complex projects
Accessibility Web-based access from any device Requires software installation on specific devices
Design features Fewer design options compared to PowerPoint More powerful design features & customization
Ease of use Very easy to learn Steeper learning curve for advanced features

9. Pitch

Great for: Pitch decks and sale demos

Price: Free to join, with paid plans starting at $25/user/month

Screenshot of Pitch presentation templates.

PowerPoint presentations are a dime a dozen when it comes to sales pitches. Pitch steps it up with clean layouts, storytelling features, and even built-in coaching tools to help refine your delivery and close the deal. 

While PowerPoint can handle any presentation type, Pitch is all about clarity, conciseness, and persuasive storytelling, making it the ideal weapon for your sales arsenal. Here's how to level up your sales game with Pitch vs. PowerPoint:

Features Pitch PowerPoint
Focus Pitch decks and sales presentations All-purpose presentations
Templates Pre-designed templates optimized for pitch decks Wider variety of templates, but not all ideal for pitches
Storytelling features Built-in tools to structure your narrative and showcase key points Relies on manual structuring and design for storytelling
Presentation coaching Practice tools with feedback options to refine your delivery Lacks built-in coaching functionalities

10. Powtoon

Great for: Animated presentations and explainer videos

Price: Free to join, with paid plans starting at $15/user/month

Screenshot of Powtoom animation builder.

After slide after slide of static text and graphics, your audience likely feels anything but engaged. Powtoon makes it easy to craft dynamic presentations that could use a visual punch. 

While PowerPoint excels at traditional slide decks, Powtoon lets you unleash your inner animator, crafting presentations that move, inform, and entertain. It's great for explainer videos, product demos, or presentations that need a healthy dose of animation and visual storytelling. Here’s how its top features compare to PowerPoint’s:

Feature Powtoon PowerPoint
Focus Animated explainer videos & presentationsStatic slides
Animation tools Powerful drag-and-drop animation tools and premade assets Limited animation capabilities
Video conversion Easy conversion of presentations into explainer videos Not designed for video creation
Ease of use Moderate learning curve for mastering animation features Easier to learn for basic presentations

What to look for in a PowerPoint alternative

As presentations evolve beyond static slides, choosing the right PowerPoint alternative depends on your specific needs. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Presentation style: Think "interactive quiz master" (Mentimeter), "visual storyteller" (Prezi), or "animation extraordinaire" (Powtoon). What kind of experience do you want to create?
  • Collaboration: Real-time co-editing is crucial for some teams, so tools like Google Slides and Keynote may be better options.
  • Interactivity: One of PowerPoint’s biggest downfalls is its inability to engage the audience. Look for tools that’ll transform your presentations into interactive conversations that spark interest and boost knowledge retention.
  • Design capabilities: For design novices, tools that offer easy-to-learn interfaces and premade templates will have you creating captivating slides in no time.
  • Learning curve: Not everyone's a tech wizard. If you’re looking for a plug-and-play presentation tool, Mentimeter, Canva, or Zoho Show are great options. More advanced apps, like Powtoon or Prezi, might take some practice.

It’s time to update your presentation software

Ready to ramp up your slide deck? Any of these PowerPoint alternatives can breathe new life into your presentations. 

But if you’re looking to turn your next routine meeting or lecture into a two-way conversation, look no further than Mentimeter. With features like live polls, quizzes, Q&As, and real-time feedback, your audience will jump at the opportunity to be part of the discussion.

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