How Mentimeter Enterprise Can Help HR Professionals

December 22, 2021

The duties of the modern HR department are more diverse and far reaching than ever before. The rise of both remote and hybrid work means that ingenuity and flexibility are two important elements that today's HR professionals need. The Mentimeter Enterprise team has ensured that our Enterprise package meets each and every need.

Having one tool that can meet multiple requirements is something that many search long and hard for, no matter if they are marketing executives, sales managers, financial analysts, or HR professionals. This is especially true given the ever changing nature of how we work, where we work, safety and security, company culture, and investment in mental health.  

Mentimeter enterprise packages aim to meet countless requirements and be a multi-use tool for each and every HR related need. 

The value of Mentimeter Enterprise

HR departments need to be secure in their work and certain that a strong level of trust is built between them, as representatives of the organization, and the employees with whom they deal with on a day to day basis. Likewise, they need to adapt to the dynamic changing landscape of the working world. 

HR plays a crucial role in the day to day lives of every employee, from new hires to the most senior of executives. The idea of building and maintaining trust is something that Mentimeter as both a company and a service care deeply about. Thus, our Enterprise package has been designed with confidentiality, inclusivity, and engagement in mind.  

So let’s have a look at what Mentimeter Enterprise can offer HR professionals in both the short and long term.


For employees

Confidentiality means different things to different people. For employees they want to be sure that their private information remains secure, but that they can also, in full confidence, express their opinions in a safe and transparent atmosphere without the possibility of leaks or repercussions. 

A major part of building the bond between an organization's HR department and its employees is helping those employees understand that the all important feedback they provide, in the form of surveys, polls, reviews, and questionnaires, will be handled with care. This assurance will benefit both sides as it will help to build a strong and transparent culture where honest employees can help improve the organization's ways of working and culture with their own insights.

This sense of confidentiality is incredibly important for HR professionals to build as it will help to create a safe space where employees feel that any potential issues, be they minor or serious, will be handled in both a professional and confidential manner. Confidentiality is thus a vital way to both open and improve the lines of communication between the organization (through HR) and the workforce. 

Anonymous responses through surveys, live polls, and all Mentimeter presentations, means that employees completing onboarding sessions, trainings, engagement surveys, and more can feel confident in expressing their honest views, thus giving HR a platform on which to make actionable changes and improvements.

For the organization

Now if we are to discuss the matter of confidentiality through the eyes of the organization then we need to look at the topic of security. Every HR department needs to be absolutely certain that all employee information is safe and secure within each platform that they use. Mentimeter has dedicated significant time and effort to ensuring that organizational confidentiality is absolutely assured. 

  • Our Single Sign On (SSO) feature means that no one needs to enter any new registration details and that company credentials and emails will work with our system, just as it does with yours. 
  • Mentimeter Enterprise features a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) system that allows administrators the ability to add or remove users as is needed. Only those who need access to important information will have it. Likewise, emails can be updated, users suspended, and members re-invited, meaning that plan administrators have all the control they need over their accounts. 
  • In collaboration with SCIM, Customized Control Centralization means that workspace owners can determine who has access to a Mentimeter subscription. Admins can invite, downgrade and change roles of users within their organization and make sure those who need Mentimeter can get access in a secure and efficient way. 

Follow these links for a full breakdown of Mentimeter’s privacy policy, general terms and conditions, processors, and data processing agreements.   

Increased insights for HR 

Getting the most out of Mentimeter 

Insights relate to how best you can leverage effectively and efficiently use the tools at your disposal as well as the all-important feedback you gather from employees. Mentimeter’s Enterprise plan aims to help its users understand exactly what they can do, how they can go about doing it, and how they can achieve their desired outcomes. 

Tailored onboarding with in-house experts and Relationship Managers will ensure that every possible use for Mentimeter will be explained and examined. Like training up new employees to make best use of their abilities, the Mentimeter team trains our Enterprise users on how best to use our platform and how to best utilize it to increase interaction, engagement, and inclusion.  

Getting the most out of your data

Increasing engagement, improving response rates, and encouraging feedback is just the first step - being able to take action from this data is the second. Increasing survey response rates or questions and answers in onboarding sessions is all well and good but studying the data, making a plan of action, and gathering together actionable insights are the crucial next steps.

Responses and data are quick and easy to download, while the visualizations from presentations make the numbers both simple to digest and impressive to look at. Exporting results can be done in seconds as can sharing results so transparency and inclusivity remain at the forefront of how you conduct business. This means that you can get as much from after your presentation as you can from during it. 

While Mentimeter is a valuable tool for live polling, it also functions as an anytime survey tool. Using the same presentations for both real-time and anytime surveys, you can improve response rates while streamlining workloads. Our system will automatically generate graphs and charts, based on which slide type is used, so there is less time spent designing layouts and visuals, and more time spent formulating questions and instructions. 

A chance for employees to engage more

Establishing this confidence and trust is the first and most important step for many HR departments and is the stepping stone to improving employee engagement, the importance of which cannot be understated. More engaged teams mean a higher level of productivity, greater levels of motivation, better retention rates, and improved culture.

By providing people with a platform that allows them to contribute and be included, they are far more likely to actively take part and to share their views. This is a key factor to promoting a healthier workplace, where transparency and inclusion is both supported and promoted. The Mentimeter system makes it easier for everyone to contribute and encourages those running presentations and meetings to focus on participation and inclusion. 

The opportunity to do more

For more information about everything related to our Enterprise offering, head over to our Enterprise page to get in touch with our sales team today or download our Enterprise Guide for more on what Mentimeter can do for your organization. 

Additionally, if you’re interested in seeing just what else we have to offer, you can always visit our Customer Stories page and discover what others have been able to do with the help of Mentimeter.

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