Best AhaSlides Alternatives in 2023

October 31, 2022
AhaSlides Comparison

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in the number of business leaders and educators making a serious effort to engage their audience and improve the presentation experience. So you may be wondering what the best online tool is for you.

AhaSlides lets its users add polls and quizzes to their live presentations in an effort to engage audience members and have them be part of a presentation. Their platform offers users several interesting features but there are other tools and software you can find online that will better meet your needs. 

So with all of that said, let’s have a look at the best presentation tools available and the best alternatives to AhaSlides

  • Mentimeter 
  • Kahoot! 
  • Pitch
  • Crowdpurr
  • Picker Wheel 
  • Prezi
  • Zuddl

Mentimeter - For full presentations & Enterprise

Mentimeter has numerous features and designs that adapt to suit the presenter’s needs. It is versatile enough to create any type of presentation - from a fun upbeat classroom lecture to a top-quality board meeting. For educators, Mentimeter features a variety of quiz options that let you introduce some fun into any classroom or lecture. Managers or Team Leads on the other hand can run a Word Cloud icebreaker that asks their team members to think creatively or answer openly and honestly. Adding custom or stock images as well as videos and GIFs means you can easily liven up the room before diving into serious discussions.

Likewise, educators and business professionals of all backgrounds can create professional and sleek presentations that would not look out of place when compared with some of the titans of the presentation software world. While icebreakers and quizzes have their time and place you can also display key information, charts, graphs, and timelines to help hammer home your key points with Mentimeter. Combined with the ability to add logos and branding on paid accounts Menti offers a comprehensive presentation package.

Enterprise-specific benefits

Mentimeter also offers specific plans for larger teams, universities, and organizations with scalable discounts. Teams of over 10 and more users tend to have needs that extend beyond creating presentations and thus require additional features. Additional security in the form of Single-Sign on and SCIM protocol add additional layers of security for organizations. This is combined with customized control that gives administrators secure use of the platform.

To further help Enterprise members get the most out of their subscription, the Enterprise team at Mentimeter also provides tailored onboarding to ensure users understand the value and impact of the product. This works in tandem with the analytics dashboard available to subscription administrators and the ability to quickly share and collaborate on presentations.

Kahoot! - For educators 

An absolute giant of the EdTech world, Kahoot! has, since its inception and especially during the pandemic years, become a must-have tool for many teachers around the globe. Creating fun classroom quizzes and games only takes a matter of minutes and provide the perfect way for students to learn in a more relaxed atmosphere than traditional pop quizzes. 

Teachers heavily leaned on Kahoot! during the pandemic years as a way to keep students engaged as they logged into lessons from home. However, it has proven to be an effective teaching tool as more and more students prefer to learn via EdTech than through traditional methods - books and notepads have been replaced by tablets and computers. Kahoot! is ahead of the curve and a great option for teachers worldwide.

Pitch - For presentation templates

Both Pitch and AhaSlides offer user-generated templates but those available on Pitch are some of the highest standards we have seen. With templates for sales teams, lecturers, and beyond, the sheer amount of high-quality templates on offer will mean you won’t be searching long for something that is bound to inspire you. 

What is most notable about Pitch’s selection of templates is the polished design. Despite combining both user-generated templates as well as those made in-house it is impossible not to be impressed with the high standard on offer. For those looking for help with slide design and making their presentation visually impressive, Pitch has done all the hard work for you!

Crowdpurr - For fun

Now if you’re looking for a way to add an entertaining jolt to your next meeting or event then Crowpurr could be the exact tool you are looking for. Much like AhaSlides, Crowpurr lets you create polls and quizzes which your audience, family, or friends can answer on their smartphones without the need to download any software or create a new login.  

What is unique to Crowdpurr - and a personal favorite feature - is Bingo. No longer just a game for your grandparents to play in crowded halls, you can now make this popular game part of an event and add a live leaderboard. No matter if it’s an after-work event or a break from the serious talks at a conference, you can use Crowdpurr to introduce a bit of fun to proceedings.   

Spinner Wheel - For free Spinner Wheels

A nice feature of AhaSldies is the Spinner Wheel feature. There are, however, other options online that offer the same functionality without the need to register. Picker Wheel is one of those free online options that offer visitors all the bells and whistles they need in a basic Spin the Wheel style game - a variety of sound effects and colors for example. 

This website lets us use a variety of themes that change the color and background images of the wheel (Autumn, Pizza, and Moon to name a few), as well as the opportunity to add custom images to each section of the wheel for a fully bespoke experience. What is more, results will automatically be recorded so you don’t have to remember which number or name came up previously!

Prezi Video - For fully remote presentations

Prezi is another presentation tool that flourishes when used in a remote or hybrid setting. Setting up these types of meetings can be cumbersome and take some time to perfect. But with Prezi, the time to adapt is minimized thanks to some innovative features. Not only is Prezi integrated with some of the top video conferencing tools, but it also makes screen sharing and presenting a more immersive experience. 

While presenting, your slides and presentation will appear on screen alongside you meaning that you no longer have to appear in a small tile in the corner while your presentation dominates your audience’s screen. Now you are both front and center allowing for a smoother presentation experience. 

Zuddl - For conferences and large-scale events 

Big events and conferences require tools that can do a litany of things and minimize the stress level of organizers and speakers. The best way to do this is by using an all-in-one tool or platform that looks after the before, during, and after-event experience. Zuddl has more than enough firepower to do this. 

Zuddl is capable of so much but what is most impressive is how it tackles major tasks such as web pages, ticketing, and analytics. The analytics is something that caught our attention as the in-depth information it gives about attendees is second to none. From check-ins to where your visitors spend time, there is so much you can learn about your attendees, thanks to Zuddl.

A litany of options for every use case

We have seen that you have a wide range of online tools and software that you can use depending on what exactly you are looking to achieve. Thankfully today, there are a million ways you can engage with an audience, spice up a presentation, or learn more about people attending your conference. 

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