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60 This or That Questions for Kids & Students

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Simon Deignan2021-10-03
Oh what a way to spark debate, to generate some giggles, and some serious thinking. We all love a good ‘This or That’ question no matter how it’s phrased. So take some time out of your next class or your next activity to see what answers and explanations the kids have for their choices.

So let’s see what different kinds of This or That questions we can ask… cause there are plenty of different categories to choose from. Perhaps you want to encourage debate, maybe the point is just to have a little fun. We also have a few that will definitely have both you and the kids wondering which option you prefer cause sometimes the best questions are the toughest ones. 

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Fun This or That for Kids

Fun This or That for Kids

  • TV Shows / Movies
  • Animals 
  • Food
  • School
  • Sports
  • Weather
  • Times of the Year

So feel free to use these as inspiration for your next game of This or That, and be sure to add them to your next Mentimeter presentation for extra fun.

TV Shows / Movies

When it comes to TV shows and movies there is plenty to discuss and even more to debate. So let’s see if you students prefer Superman or one of his foes, or if superhero movies are even to their liking!

  1. Superhero or Supervillain
  2. Zombies or Vampires
  3. Marvel or DC
  4. Scary Movies or Funny Movies 
  5. Superman or Batman
  6. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings
  7. Animation or 3D
  8. Wizards or Soldiers
  9. Spider-Man or Iron Man
  10. Cartoons or Anime


Sure, asking about dogs and cats is fine but let’s try some more exotic choices here. Let’s dive into the deeps, explore a safari, and look to the skies to see what animals are the most interesting and wonderful. 

  1. Kangaroo or Toucan
  2. Dolphin or Moose 
  3. Lion or Tiger
  4. Panther or Leopard
  5. Elephant or Gazelle 
  6. Shark or Cheetah
  7. Fox or Wolf
  8. Penguin or Otter
  9. Turtle or Owl
  10. Eagle or Cobra


Food glorious food. Is there anything better in the world… no probably not. But what’s best? Sweet treats or savoury delights. Time to see where those taste buds will lead those kids. 

  1. Donuts or Cupcakes 
  2. Chocolate or Candy 
  3. Ice cream or Cake 
  4. Chicken or Fish
  5. Apples or Oranges
  6. Cookies or Nuts
  7. Pizza or Burgers 
  8. French Fries or Nuggets 
  9. PB&J or Grilled Cheese
  10. Hot Dogs or Mac & Cheese


Love it or hate it, school is a massive part of all our lives. So let’s see who prefers what from different subjects to how they prefer to be graded. And no we won’t be asking ‘School or No school’; we think that may be a landslide!

  1. Math or History
  2. Geography or English 
  3. Social Studies or Art 
  4. Projects or Tests
  5. Written Exam or Oral Exam
  6. Give a Speech or Write an Essay
  7. Study Alone or Study in a Group
  8. Big Class or Small Class
  9. Gym Class Inside or Gym Class Outside
  10. Pen or Pencil


So many kids spend hours and hours on end on the field, the court, and the track. With so many active ids it’s going to be a challenge to just pick one!

  1. Football or Basketball 
  2. Hockey or Baseball / Softball
  3. Soccer or Lacrosse 
  4. Dodgeball or Kickball
  5. Track or Field
  6. Golf or Tennis
  7. Swimming or Cycling
  8. Volleyball or Wrestling
  9. Skiing or Skating
  10. Esports or Sports


Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some prefer winter and others can’t wait for those winter months. We all have different preferences and it’s always fun to discuss why.

  1. Hot or Cold
  2. Rain or Sunshine 
  3. Snow or Fog
  4. Thunder & Lightning or Stormy
  5. Cloudy or Clear Skies

Time of the Year

Do you love to celebrate your birthday, or do you begin to unpack those Christmas decorations in November? Let’s see who loves what time of the year and what different celebrations. 

  1. Christmas or Halloween 
  2. 4th of July or Thanksgiving
  3. Super Bowl or Comic Con
  4. Morning or Nighttime
  5. Winter or Summer 

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