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Olivia Hanifan2021-04-26
If you’ve ever had to do some kind of public speaking, meeting, workshop, or educational course you have for sure encountered a slide deck or two. And, if like me you spent hours creating slide transitions on your Powerpoint presentation adding Clipart to make it look nice you can understand the frustrations.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Powerpoint? It has become synonymous with long, linear presentations where the audience has little or no input, but luckily things have changed. As many of us use tools other than the classic Microsoft suite you may not even have access to Powerpoint, which means you are free to fully explore the world of free presentation tools. This is where presentations can really get fun.

Mentimeter on the other hand is a free presentation tool that creates engaging and interactive presentations. We believe in giving everyone a voice. That means the audience become active contributors instead of passive spectators in your presentation. Everyone can contribute to the discussion, ask questions and be part of the conversation.

What makes the best free presentation tool?

It can be hard to narrow down the factors that actually make the best presentation tool, but we believe with Mentimeter you have all bells and whistles needed to engage your audience with a presentation they are sure to remember! 


Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? That means that the majority of people learn best through images, videos, infographics, and visual aids. Incorporating these into your slides to create memorable presentations and increase learning has never been easier.

With Mentimeter you no longer need to spend hours designing and editing a presentation, you can choose from specially curated slides to create consistent and slick-looking presentations. Add your own images to the slides or choose from our image library to create an entire slide deck in minutes. Or, if you are short on time you can choose from our ready-made templates by simply adding them to your account to edit as you’d wish. 


What separates Mentimeter from the other presentation tools has to be the interactive slides. The interactive question types enable you to collect insights in real-time and allow the audience to participate, contribute and collaborate in the presentation. Not only that but you can choose from different options to visualize your data, for example in a pie graph or bar chart. The Q&A slide also dedicates a specific time to answering questions which is great for those who fear speaking in front of others. 

Mentimeter is anonymous so it facilitates frank and meaningful conversations without the fear of retribution. 

Media Support

Sometimes words just aren’t enough and showing an image, gif, or video can really enhance and support what you are saying. Of course, you can add an image or gif or any slide but the Video slide type enables you to upload a Youtube clip to your presentation to seamlessly show a video mid-presentation. 

Not only that but you can export the results of your presentation as a PDF so you can share with others or use it to analyze the results at a later date.

Added bonus: On paid Mentimeter accounts you can import your Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google slides presentations to save a lot of copying and pasting whilst adding that extra interactive flair to your slide decks.


Mentimote is Mentimeter’s very own presentation remote control. Similar to a traditional presentation clicker, you can use the Mentimote to control the presentation, change slides and moderate the presentation. 

Finally, Mentimeter is a free PowerPoint alternative that requires no additional software downloads. It is fully web-based so you can just sign up for free to create an account and get started right away.

How to create a presentation 

  1. Open Mentimeter and log into your account or sign up to create one. 
  2. Click the “inspiration” tab on the left-hand side to start browsing our templates for inspiration. Add a template to your account to start editing or click ‘new presentation’ and create a name for your first presentation.
  3. Choose your first slide. With unlimited Content slides, you can add the information you want in a wide range of different formats from paragraphs, bullets, video slides, and more. Add your own images or choose from our image & gif library to make your slides stand out. 
  4. Add interactive elements such as Word Clouds, Multiple Choice, or Q&A to engage your audience. 
  5. Get to grips with the keyboard shortcuts before you present so you can easily control your presentation like a pro.

Do you have ideas on how to make Mentimeter even better? Add your thoughts here, we’d love to hear from you.

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