Menti year in review : What was your presenter personality type?

December 18, 2023
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Agnes Sundblad Copywriter

It's time to reflect on your accomplishments in 2023, and what better way to do it than with a Menti wrap-up! Discover if you embodied 'The storyteller', 'The energizer', or 'The innovator' when hosting your presentations this year.

As the year comes to an end, we want our beloved users to be able to celebrate the value they have created using Mentimeter. Going through our data on features used in Mentis we've noticed three common presenter styles.

Read on to discover your presenter personality. And share with us on social media when you do!

1. The Storyteller

As a Storyteller, you bring presentations to life with a narrative flair. Your blend of images, videos, and well-crafted words turns each slide into a chapter of a captivating story, engaging your audience with both information and emotion.

The storyteller

2. The Energizer

Energizers like you make presentations dynamic and interactive. Your use of quizzes, word clouds, and lively Q&As transforms the audience experience from passive listening to active participation, making every session both informative and engaging.

The energizer

3. The Innovator

Innovators are the creative thinkers of the presentation world. Your use of unique formats like scales, grids, and interactive elements introduces a fresh perspective, making your presentations not just informative, but also uniquely memorable.

The innovator

So, what features did you use the most this year, and which ones are you curious to explore more next season?

We hope that you are proud of your presentations this year and that your holiday season will be merry and bright!

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