Menti Milestones: 2023 in review

December 18, 2023
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Solveig RundquistSenior Content Manager

How do you measure a year? In presentations? In voices heard? In early nights not spent lying awake worrying about if your presentation is going to be engaging and interactive enough? In how many people sent an ambiguous cat emoji reaction to one of your slides? At Mentimeter, we do all of the above. And what a year it’s been!

As a company, in 2023 we had some pretty big moments. We opened an office in Sydney – our third office – which means we now cover three continents and can be even closer to our customers in the Asian-Pacific region.

We also won “SaaS Company of the Year” from BreakIt in Sweden (again), won the award for Excellence in Innovation from the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce, and we were listed on Deloitte’s Fast 50 list which includes the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Sweden. And we took our internal all-hands meeting, the Menti Listen Show, public and live for the first time, with 1000 people from around the world who tuned in!

But the most important milestones are always those made by our users – - and as we look back at the year 2023, we’re humbled and proud to see some truly remarkable numbers from you all on both growth and engagement.


In 2022 Mentimeter had 18 million registered users. Now, there are 23 million. It’s as though the whole country of Norway signed up! (Who knows, maybe they have. We’ll have our User Research team investigate…) Jokes aside, we are incredibly grateful to our expanding community.

Our strength is in our ability to foster interaction and engagement, and in 2023 we recorded a whopping 117,688,589 voters who joined a Menti. To put this into perspective, if all these voters lined up back to back, they could stretch around the earth’s equator nearly three times!


Of course, voters who join don’t just sit and watch. They contribute. They react. They’re part of the presentation. And this year we saw a tremendous 502,785,509 voter contributions. 

If every contribution were a note, they would compose an epic symphony with more musical variations than there are in Beethoven’s complete works! We may not be in the industry, but that’s certainly music to our ears. 

Users also sent fewer thumbs-down reactions this year than in 2022 – well done for staying positive! And while the heart reaction was the most popular before, 2023 saw the thumbs-up surpass it. So we’re guessing Menti voters are liking what they’re seeing!

But the reaction button we always get the most questions about is the cat. And as ever with cats, the enigmatic nature just seems to further boost its popularity – because Menti users sent 450,419 cat reactions this year.


What does that mean? We don’t know. But that’s roughly the size of the cat population of Latvia! So we just say “ņau!” (that’s meow in Latvian).

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