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How to make your PowerPoint presentation interactive

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Emma Cullen2018-05-08
Mentimeter enables you to create amazing interactive presentations to engage your audience. But what about if you already have a great PowerPoint presentation that you want to make interactive? With Mentimeter this is easy upload any Powerpoint, Keynote or PDF file, and add interactive slides to make your presentations more engaging.

This blog post will show you how to upload your presentation to Mentimeter and give you tips on how to add interactive slides to your uploaded presentation!

How to upload your presentation

Uploading your presentation is easy! Here is a quick overview of how to do it:

1. When you log into your Mentimeter account, create a new presentation. 2. Select the “Import” button as shown in the image below:

How to import screenshot

3. Choose your presentation file from your computer. 4. The imported slides will now appear uploaded to Mentimeter. You are now ready to start adding interactive slides to your presentation!

For a more detailed guide into how to upload your presentation, check out this helpful guide.

Tips for making your PowerPoint interactive

In this section, we explore some ideas, and share some resources, on how you can transform your static PowerPoint presentation into a fun and interactive experience for your audience!

Start with an icebreaker

The easiest way to add some interactivity to your slides is to start of the presentation with an icebreaker. The purpose of an icebreaker is to get your audience engaged and ready for the presentation ahead. By including an interactive icebreaker you can set the right tone with your audience: your presentation is not going to be boring!

Take a look at some of the blog posts we have written about icebreakers that include plenty of templates:

Add discussion between topics

You will probably find that there are natural breaks in your presentation, for example, when you change focus area. This can be a great opportunity for you to add an interactive slide to test your audience or open up the room for discussion.

Test your audience with a fun quiz

Mentimeter gives you the option to include fun quizzes to your presentation. By adding an interactive quiz to your presentation you can engage your audience in some friendly competition and make your presentation a lot more fun overall!

Learn more about the Mentimeter Quiz:

Add a reflection at the end

The end of your presentation signals a natural point to include a reflection or feedback session. By adding an interactive slide, such as a reflective question, you can see if what your audience got out of your presentation, whilst also giving them time to reflect on what they have just listened to.

Add a Q&A session

You can use Mentimeter to host interactive Q&A sessions that are both optimized for the audience and the facilitator. Learn more about this feature in these resources:

Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool where you can not only upload PowerPoint presentations, but also create presentations from scratch. Try Mentimeter for free today and start creating fun and interactive experiences for your audience!

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