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Johanna Aronsson2019-09-03
Using interactivity during your presentation is a sure way to engage your audience. Based on thousands of interactive presentations, we've created some great templates to help you get going.

Getting people engaged during a presentation can be challenging and may decide the outcome of how well received your message is.

Letting your audience participate in your presentation is a sure way to get their attention and make your presentation more memorable.

Based on all the amazing interactive presentations that we have had the opportunity to take part in, we've put together some great interactive presentation templates.


Using icebreakers will help you energize the audience right from the start and generate interest in your presentation. Opening your presentation in a fun way will relieve potential tension and set the tone for the session.

You can use icebreakers for most situations such as meetings, workshops, seminars, larger events and town halls.

View and download: Interactive presentation template for icebreakers

Workshops & meetings

Making sure that everyone can contribute in a workshop or meeting will increase your chance of keeping the participants engaged. We've created interactive templates for you to use in classic brainstorming, crossbreeding of ideas and alignment in the group.

View and download: Interactive presentation template for workshops

Corporate events

As we all know, creating a great setting and energy is crucial for a successful event. If you need some ideas on how to do this we've put together some examples to help you get going.

View and download: Interactive presentation template for corporate events


Make formative assessment easier, improve learning outcomes and let students have fun at the same time. Sounds like the perfect mix, right? Check out this template to get some inspiration.

View and download: Interactive presentation template for education

Create your own presentations

I've created all these templates using only the free version of Mentimeter. Feel free to copy them to your account and use them with as large (or small) audience as you'd like.

I hope you'll try creating your own questions and use interactivity in your next live presentation. If you do, I would love to hear about your experience (just send me an email if you feel like sharing:

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