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Build a presentation in minutes without PowerPoint

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Create your entire interactive presentation with Mentimeter, our newly curated design layouts have just made your life even easier. The new Content slide options mean that you can incorporate beautiful design into your interactive presentation with ease. No more jumping around with different presentation platforms, you can do it all with Mentimeter.

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Now with Mentimeter you can use Layouts to make professional-looking slide decks within minutes. Engage and grab the audience’s attention with beautiful design and make your presentation memorable with style and interactivity. Build your entire presentation in one place and ensure style consistency with clean and sleek looking slide decks. 

If you are looking for a free PowerPoint alternative, don’t forget it is free to get started with Mentimeter and the number of Content Slides you can use is unlimited on all accounts! Mentimeter is a web-based platform so you don’t need to download or install anything to get started.

Why create your entire presentation in Mentimeter:

Quick and easy to use 

Mentimeter is intuitive, easy and quick to get started. Choose the Content Slide for you and get to work. The new layout options ensure consistency throughout your presentation to create clean and minimal slides. Using our Content Slides means you don’t have to jump around to different presentation platforms or try and integrate Mentimeter to your Powerpoint. It is straightforward and quick to create your entire slide deck with Mentimeter.

Get a head start with our free templates in-app or on the website, get inspired and start engaging your audience. The ready-to-use templates ensure you inject some interactivity and can create an awesome presentation no matter how much time you have. 

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Make sure every voice is heard

Powerpoint presentations are often static and a one-way dialogue. However, what makes a great presentation is the inclusivity of the audience, the collaboration and the diverse voices that can be heard. The presenter shouldn’t be the only one to have their say, the audience should too! You can use Mentimeter before a presentation to collect information, afterwards to get feedback and of course during the presentation to engage the participants. When other voices are heard you get a more varied and well-informed presentation and our interactive slides help with exactly that. To make sure every voice is heard and to engage your audience. Don’t forget, enabling Q&A throughout your presentation helps to connect with your audience and clear up any questions they may have.

What ideas do you have for this project?

What ideas do you have for this project?

Create impactful & memorable content

68% of people believe that interactive presentations make it more memorable. Ensure maximum impact, help increase information retention and create an inclusive and collaborative environment with the different Mentimeter interactive Question Types. Make sure your participants leave your presentation with the key takeaways by engaging with them directly.

Give feedback

Give feedback

Engage the audience & grab their attention

Mentimeter creates a visual impact. Create visually stunning word clouds, scales, ranking questions and more in minutes. Mentimeter makes sure that even your most basic Content Slides look good too with different Layout options. If you’re short on time you can choose from our image library or insert your own images. 

Keep everything together in one place

Isn’t it simpler to have one slide deck in one place? No integrations, no screen toggling, no wasting time. Instead, engage, interact and deliver an awesome presentation with Mentimeter. 

How to create your presentation without Powerpoint 

  1. Start a new presentation - Sign up or log into your Mentimeter account. Begin with the Content Slides to create the title page and intro to your presentation. The Bullet Slide is great to highlight the most important information and help users retain info. Use the new Layout options to decide where you want your image or text to be positioned, this is available for all Content slides and will help to create a polished presentation. 
  2. Choose a theme - you can choose one of the available themes to keep your presentation consistent. If you are on a pro account you can design your own themes.
  3. Find a template - save time by browsing our free ready-to-use templates to start making your presentation interactive. Get inspired and explore the templates for education, business, events and more. 
  4. Explore the Slides - discover our features and the different interactive question types to get real-time input from your audience. If you want your audience to be able to submit a question whenever one crops up, enable Q&A on all slides. The presenter can then choose when they wish to answer the question or, simply dedicate some time at the end to answer questions with a Q&A slide - it is up to you! You can also enable Comments From Audience to get live reactions from the audience. You can easily turn this on or off by using the keyboard shortcut ‘e’.
  5. Customize your slides - add content, videos, images, branding (on pro accounts) and add or remove emoji reactions. Of course, you can arrange your slides and change the order by dragging them.
  6. Get ready to present - Mentimeter automatically saves any work so you don’t need to worry about losing it. Once you’ve finished editing your presentation choose whether you want the presentations to be in presenter pace or audience pace. Hit present and see how engaged your audience will be. 

Using Mentimeter to create your presentation deck is sure to engage your audience and increase the energy in the room or online. Creating a killer presentation without Powerpoint has never been simpler! 

What is the difference between Powerpoint and Mentimeter?

Compared to Powerpoint, Mentimeter allows more interaction between the presenters and the audience. Mentimeter helps to engage your audience and keep their attention throughout a slide deck. Get real-time input from polls, word clouds, quizzes and Q&A sessions to help you prepare, engage and follow-up.

Mentimeter Layouts - Complete Guide For Beginners

Check out this video to learn how to create your presentation with style.