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7 workshops that HR professionals can host using Mentimeter

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Emma Cullen2019-12-17
As an HR professional, it is your job to ensure that employees are taken care of, and feel satisfied in their role. By taking active steps, such as hosting HR workshops, you can impact employees in a positive way.

However, sometimes, it can be difficult to create engaging workshops that employees actually want to engage with. Mentimeter offers a fresh approach to workshops that will make them more fun and interactive. Continue reading to learn about how you can host your own HR workshops with Mentimeter, we have even created several workshop templates that you can use or get inspiration from!

How to host a HR workshop with Mentimeter

First, let’s talk about the practicalities of hosting a workshop using Mentimeter. If you haven’t already done so, you need to first create a Mentimeter account. We have lots of useful resources that can help you to get started with Mentimeter and create awesome presentations.

Next, you need to create the topic of your presentation. You can use one of the templates below, or create your own presentation content. Be sure to add plenty of interactive elements to ensure that your workshop members feel as engaged as possible. With Mentimeter, users can use their smartphones to answer questions, share their opinion and interact with the presenter. With Mentimeter, HR professionals can create safe spaces for organization employees so that they can share open and honest opinions and answers.

When inviting your colleagues to your workshop, make sure to that you mention in the calendar invite that participants should bring their smartphones with them, so they can use Mentimeter to participate. By using Mentimeter to vote, you no longer need extra resources for your workshop such as clickers or even pens and paper.

Other than that, you can conduct your presentation, as usual, Mentimeter is there to assist you in creating a fun and engaging interactive presentation! Continue reading for some inspiration of the types of HR workshops that you can conduct.

7 Ideas and templates for HR workshops

Try out these different workshop ideas with Mentimeter to see how you can conduct fun and interactive workshops!

1. New employee onboarding workshop

Give your new employees the best start possible in their new role with an interactive onboarding workshop. Here you can go through everything from company history and values as well as how day to day life works within the organization. You can use Mentimeter to add questions that review if they understand the information they have received, give new employees the chance to ask questions and even test them on their company knowledge so far.

By using an interactive presentation that really engages the new employees you can help them to relax and feel comfortable in the company from day one!

Test out this employee onboarding template and even add your own slides to make it more relevant to your own onboarding.

Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding

2. Company culture workshop

Working actively with company culture and values is key to the success of many organizations. Hold a Mentimeter workshop that goes through company values and even asks employees for their feedback and how they feel that they follow these values every day.

Try out this template that helps employees to reflect on company values:

Company culture workshop

Company culture workshop

3. Work-life balance workshop

Another idea that would be perfect for an employee workshop would be one about work-life balance. As an HR professional, you can use this as a great opportunity to collect important insights about how employees feel and how they cope with stress, for example. You can use these insights to improve your own work and the wellbeing of your colleagues. For those participating in the workshop, this will give them a good chance to reflect on their approach to work, and they can assess if they have a good work-life balance.

Work life balance workshop

Work life balance workshop

4. Equality and diversity in the workplace

Equality and diversity in the workplace is so important, so an interactive workshop on the subject is essential for any HR professional. Test your team on what they already know, or open up the room for discussion to help people understand each other’s experiences.

Check out this Mentimeter campaign about gender equality in the workplace.

5. Financial tools workshop

The world of personal finance can be tricky for everyone. You can help your employees understand any employee pension or insurance schemes with a fun and interactive workshop. By opting for an interactive workshop you can encourage more engagement, and hopefully make the often complicated information easier to understand and more memorable!

Use this template to find out how much your employees already know!

Financial tools workshop

Financial tools workshop

6. Employee development workshop

Help to understand how the employees in your organization want to develop and evaluate the organization’s employee development potential in an interactive workshop.

Test out this template to find out what employees think is important for their professional development:

Employee development workshop

Employee development workshop

7. “Lunch and learn” workshops

A more general idea could be to host some optional workshops for employees who want to learn more about a particular topic during lunch. This type of workshop should be more casual, as employees are expected to participate during their lunch hour. Even consider providing lunch in order to encourage and reward participants.

Use this template to see if there is interest in this initiative and also collect topic ideas for the workshops.

Learn and lunch workshop

Learn and lunch workshop

Next steps

You should now have the tools you need to host a Mentimeter HR workshop! If you enjoy using Mentimeter and can see benefits for your whole organization, you can start using Mentimeter in a whole host of different ways. Check out our inspiration page for more ideas!

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