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5 Ways to use the Scales question-type

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Sam Stewart-Keene23 of April, 2019
Questions that use scales are one of the easiest indicators of the highs and lows of a person's opinion. Thanks to the flexibility of scales, they can be applied to numerous different questions. The answers can provide actionable data, which can then be used to help convey to others how a team, product or project is performing.

In case you aren’t sure how you can use the Mentimeter Scales question-type, here are 5 examples to get the creative juices flowing:

1 - Reflection at work:

If you want to see how a team or group feel about a period of time or a project, the Scales question-type is the go-to question! Let participants give their thoughts in an anonymous setting, meaning you get honest answers that are easy to take action on.

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2- Want to know how the audience felt about a presentation?:

Use the Scales question-type to find out how people felt the presentation went, or how useful the information was.

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3 - Find out how people view the User Experience(UX) of your website:

By using the Scales question-type you can quickly get qualitative data that can guide your web development team on what needs to be improved on your website.

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4 - Was this article helpful?:

By asking people how helpful an article or paper is, you can improve your writing and find out what people really want from future pieces.

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5 - How effective was the training seminar?

Improve training sessions by getting feedback and expanding upon it. The Scales question-type provides an incredibly easy way to achieve this.

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The Scales question-type can be used in even more ways than listed in this art check out this guide and start creating your own.

Questions that use scales are just one of the many questions-types that Mentimeter has to offer, check out our help articles and blog posts for even more inspiration to make your presentations more interactive.

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