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20 interactive icebreakers for conferences

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Emma Cullen08 of November, 2017
When you’re on stage in front of a large audience with the spotlight on you, it can be difficult to connect with the individuals watching you. Engaging with your audience at a conference is important in order for you to get your message across. We have created a variety of different icebreaker templates that you can use with Mentimeter that are perfect for engaging larger audiences.

Morning icebreakers

Warm up your audience with these super simple icebreakers. The purpose of these questions is to fill your audience with energy and get them ready for the day ahead!

What did you eat for breakfast? How did you travel here today? How far did you travel today?

Afternoon icebreakers

Your audience may have lost focus after the morning session and a big conference lunch! Get them ready for an action-packed afternoon with these icebreakers!

What are you looking forward to this afternoon? How was your morning? What did you eat for lunch? How do you feel this afternoon?

Fast and fun

Need a quick icebreaker that’s not too serious? Need to break the tension? Try these fast and fun icebreakers.

Which sport is your favorite? Would you rather be president or a rockstar? Which superpower would you like to have? Which one is cutest?

Get to know your audience

Really connect with your audience and take the time to learn something about them with these audience-focused icebreakers.

What is your job title? Where was the last place you traveled to? Apple or android?

Get your audience to mingle

If your event needs audience members to interact with each other or you just want people to get to know each other better, try these mingle-based icebreakers to get your audience chatting!

Tell me one fact about the person to your left What is the job title of the person who it on your right? Write down one thing you have in common with the person sitting next to you

Get your audience in the zone

Icebreakers can be used to get your audience focused before the conference starts. Test out these icebreakers to manage your audience’s expectations of the conference, and also help them to focus on the session ahead!

How do you feel about today’s event? What expectations do you have about today? What do you already know about this topic?

Remember that breaking the ice is only one part of creating an awesome conference and presentations for your conference. Check out this useful guide about what you need to do to be a star on stage at your next conference!

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