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14 presentation templates to make meetings less boring

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Emma Cullen17 of October, 2018
Banish boring meetings and make them more fun and interactive with these Mentimeter presentation templates.

Banish boring meetings and make them more fun and interactive with these Mentimeter presentation templates.

1. Pre-meeting questionnaire

Start your meeting off on the right foot by making sure that everyone understands the purpose of the meeting. By making sure that everyone understands what you are trying to achieve, you will be able to have a more productive meeting. Add this template at the beginning of your meeting presentation and get off to the best start.

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2. Manage expectations in a new and fun way

Another great way to start your meeting is to manage the expectations of the audience. Ask your participants what they expect from the meeting. This provides the meeting leader with a guide on what should be focused on during the meeting.

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3. Meeting check-in questions

If you are hosting a sync meeting with a people you rarely meet, or your meeting is long, don’t forget to check in with your audience and see how they feel.

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4. Quick vote on important decisions where majority rule

Need to make a quick decision? Try out this template to make sure everyone’s opinion is heard.

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5. Position our business unit in the ADL Matrix

Try out this matrix template at your next meeting.

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6. Offer an attractive workplace

Use this template to find out what is important in the workplace for your employees by letting them share their opinion.

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7. Agree on what’s important

Sometimes it can be difficult to agree on what is important and what needs to be prioritized. This template will help you figure that out.

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8. Action priority matrix

Do you have a list of actions that you want to prioritize? Use this template to do just that!

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9. Get input on strategic decisions

Getting input on strategic decisions is important in order to make sure that you are doing things right. This template can help you to get input from others so that you can improve your ideas and make your strategy the best it can be!

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10. Vote for a winning concept

This template can be useful when you have to choose a winning concept. As the voting in anonymous you can be sure to get the most accurate and honest result.

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11. Make meetings more fun

Use this template to find out what your participant think would make a fun meeting, and use this information to improve your meetings in the future.

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12. Improve the workplace

Take active steps to provide the best workplace for your team.

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13. Quiz for Icebreaker

Kick off your meeting in a fun way by starting with a quiz question.

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14. Get feedback on the project presentation

Gather honest feedback quickly with this template that can be used after a presentation or during reflection on a project.

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