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20 ready-to-use icebreaker templates for every occasion

Emma Cullen02 of October, 2017

Do you want to start off your presentation or workshop on the right note? Start off with some icebreakers and get your audience energized and in the right frame of mind.

Breaking the ice and getting your audience to relax can help to create the right atmosphere for learning and engagement. We’ve put together a list of different icebreakers, everything from thoughtful questions to humorous reflections that can help you achieve this. What’s more is that you can add them to your Mentimeter account, so you can focus on creating great content for your presentations and workshops that your audience will love!

Early morning brain-starters

If you are presenting early in the morning, your audience might need some time to warm up before you can dig into your material. Start with some really easy icebreakers that don’t require too much thinking to get your audience's brains in gear (add a little humor for extra effect).

After Lunch Icebreakers

Maybe you are running a full day workshop, or you are presenting after lunch. Try these icebreakers to make sure that your audience is ready for an action-packed afternoon! If you are presenting to a smaller group of people, consider trying some open-ended icebreakers.

Icebreakers for big audiences and conferences

If you’re presenting in front of a large audience at a conference, make sure your ice breakers are relevant to the event. Aim for simple closed-end questions, rather than open-ended questions that will generate a lot of different answers that may be too difficult to moderate. Also, don’t be scared to throw in some elements of fun, this will help your audience to engage with you.

Workshop Icebreakers

However, if you are leading a workshop you can dare to try some open-ended icebreakers and go into more detail with your audience. These can encourage discussion within the group and get people working together from the start.

Team building Icebreakers

Banish any tensions and get your team working together with some fun team building icebreakers. Great team building is all about interpersonal relationships, these icebreakers will help get your team in the right frame of mind.

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Posted by Emma Cullen02 of October, 2017
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