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Sam Stewart-Keene2019-01-25
So you keep hearing about word clouds, or just want to know more, look no further, from what a word cloud is to examples of how to use them, you’ve come to the right place!

Live Audience Word Clouds - What, why, how?

So you keep hearing about [word clouds](, or just want to know more, look no further, from what a word cloud is to examples of how to use them, you’ve come to the right place!

Why use a word cloud

What Are Word Clouds?

A word cloud is created from the answers an audience enters, every idea, word, or even emoji sent from web-enabled devices grows in the word cloud every time it is input, so popular ideas become bigger and stand out while less popular ideas are smaller but still shown, this makes a word cloud a great way to visually represent patterns and trends in the answers an audience enters.

favourite food gif

Data in its raw form can be difficult to gain insights or see common themes from, not only this, it can be very time-consuming to read through every single answer as well as easy to miss key points.

A word cloud is a brilliant way to simplify reams of data down to an attractive, digestible format that instantly increases the audience understanding of the subject matter, and does it almost instantly.

Why Use Word Clouds?

When used in a live setting a word cloud immediately increases the interactivity and engagement of the presentation with the audience. Everyone sees ideas expand and shrink before their own eyes as they are being entered.

This is a great way to spark conversation and to get an unbiased representation of what the audience truly thinks or feels.

Word clouds are a great way in add dynamism to a presentation, make sure students are focused and alert, make sure everyone understood key takeaways of the meeting, or see how people felt about a trip, word clouds have almost endless applications.

How can I use Word Clouds?

Word clouds are powerful, insightful, and make understanding data easier to understand, the only problem is, you’re not sure when you should use one and what questions to ask, don’t worry, Mentimeter has you covered. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Reflect with your students on what they have just learned: So you’ve finished a tough class or course on a subject and you want to see how much your students have picked up…. Use a word cloud.

astronomy class

Break the ice and engage your audience before a big presentation: The amphitheatre is full, you have made your fantastic presentation, but the audience seems half asleep or glued to their devices, get them engaged and using their devices for what you want them to….. Use a word cloud.

how are you feeling wordcloud

Too many things to vote on for a multiple-choice: The heads of every department have given presentations, but there were 50 of them! How can you make it easy for everyone to vote and get a result…. Use a word cloud.

who gave the best presentation

Get to know your audience: So you're giving a presentation at an event where you don’t know anyone and you want to find out who is out there…. Use a word cloud.

Where can I create a word cloud right now?

Can’t wait to get started, we have created a guide to help you create your very own word cloud, just go here for all the information.

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